Thursday, January 22, 2015

Write or Die: Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda...

Okay, first off, I can’t think of “no regrets” without thinking of the “No Ragrets” tattoo from the movie, We’re the Millers.  Anyway.

Back in my rebellious, destructive teenage years, I would boast and brag about having “No Regrets! (Woohoo!)” and living my life however I pleased because “I do what I like”, and all that shit.  See, back then I thought I was pretty badass.  And as a na├»ve teenage girl, “badass” meant drinking, smoking, modeling and gogo dancing, getting invited to the VIP area, being famous and having people send me gifts and treat me to things.  Basically, I was Miley Cyrus - even though at the time she was still 'Hannah Montana'.

Because I was such a badass, I thought “why the fuck do I need college?  I make $500 a weekend just hanging out at the club!” so I stopped going to my classes.  I said, “what’s the harm in posting my life on the internet?  My fans want to meet me in person!” and I gained stalkers.  I figured, “I’d rather die young and pretty than old and ugly” so I drank a lot, drove drunk if I had to and parked my car on random side streets downtown to sleep if I couldn’t make it home.  My whole life revolved around myself and my selfish ways because I figured that nobody else gave a shit, the only person who would look out for me was me.

And then I met Joey.

No, it’s not like the heavens opened up and his angelic face appeared in the clouds - we’re being real here.  We met, we talked, we hung out, we made out – and I thought it was like the other young teenage love stories that I had already gone through (and no, I won’t mention how many times) – but with him it was different.  He saw past all my bullshit.

He didn’t care about how much money I made or what celebrity I rubbed elbows with.  He was over that already.  He treated me like an adult, and I grew up quick and learned that when you’re in a real adult relationship, you can’t be acting like a child.  He showed me that it didn’t have to be “live fast, die young” all the time and that there was so much more to life than social status.

I’m older now (28, yikes!) and we have 3 crazy/wonderful kids and when I compare my life now to how it was before, I can’t help but feel a little bit of regret towards certain decisions I’ve made in the past.

I regret not finishing school and trying hard enough while I was still there.  I regret being such a bitch to some people and using them for my personal gain.  I regret being so careless about my body and my values.  I regret feeling so selfish and spiteful that I almost ruined my relationship.  But most of all, I regret that it took me this long to realize that to live a life with no regrets is impossible.  I am constantly growing, learning and changing along with the rest of the world.

Worrying about the past won't change it, but learning from the past can lead to a much better future.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

2015 Wishlist [Update]

BOOM.  Three down, 9 more to go!  Since my initial wishlist post the other day, I figured I might as well try and knock some other items off the list while I could (before I get distracted by other wants and must-haves).

The BadBad Jewelry necklace was a no-brainer.  I had previously treated myself to the original design a few months back, but during the move I ended up losing it and have been itching to get my hands on another one ever since.  When I found out that Sarah had some new designs, I was all over that shit like nobody's business.  I've still got my eyes on a few other items (okay, ALL of the items) in her shop, but that can wait for some other time.

Now, the Rosetta Stone thing was tougher to commit to.  It has always been a dream of mine to learn another Korean.  Growing up with the last name "Kim", people always assume that I'm full Korean and can speak the language fluently.  I'll let you in on a little secret:  I have no idea how to speak Korean and though I look super Asian, I'm actually only 1/4th Korean.  My father's father is full Korean, but guess what - he didn't speak Korean either.  He was born in Hawaii and grew up like a local Hawaiian boy.  So yeah.  I'm probably the least Korean "Kim" you'll ever meet.  Anyway.

I had had the Rosetta Stone package in my cart for a while but I wasn't sure if I wanted to spend that much money on it because it's not like a real one-on-one language class with an actual tutor and I may not even have time to commit to learning it on my own.  When I saw that they had different subscription options (3 months, 6 months, 1 year, etc.) I started to warm up more to the idea.  $99 for 3-month access to all the levels wasn't such a bad idea, and then when I saw that they had payment plans - SOLD.  3 months of language learning for $33/month was a pretty good deal.  I'm actually really excited to start.  I've already got it open in another tab right now.

So that's my update so far.  What about you?  What's on your wishlist this year?  Have you crossed anything off your list yet?

2015 Wishlist

I don't know how many "wishlist" type posts I've done over the years.  I've probably done a lot because there's always something newer and prettier that I just HAVE to have.  Anyway.

So you know how you want something sooooo bad but then you have some doubts about it (too expensive, might not work, you just don't need it at the moment) so you never end up getting it, or you get something similar but you don't get the same satisfaction out of it?  Kinda like when you're craving some juicy smoked beef brisket but they're out of brisket so you get the smoked pork shoulder instead because they say it's kind of the same and then you try it and it's so NOT the same so you end up not even eating it because you're too disappointed and irritated because you wasted your time and your money on something that didn't satisfy you at all.  Know what I mean?  Good.  (I'm looking at you Asu Smokehouse...)

This year will be different.  At the beginning of the year, I put together a list of 12 things that I've been wanting for several years now, but just didn't want to dish out the money for it because I thought I could find something similar and cheaper and get the same quality as the real thing.  Obviously, that has yet to happen so I've decided that this year I will treat myself to the things on my list and stop wasting time and money on dupes that never satisfy me.

Some of the things on my wishlist are pretty damn expensive and some of the things are really not so it kind of balances out.  Or so I'd like to think.  Okay, so MOST of the things are pretty expensive - which is why I haven't caved in and gotten them yet.  Obvs.

I think the list is pretty self-explanatory so I won't bore you with a breakdown of why I want each item.  I'll save that for the wishlist update posts that I'll write each time I'm able to cross something off my list.  And because I've got such an expensive list, you can bet your ass that I will look for the best deals I can before committing to the purchase (if you know of any deals, please let me know!!).  I will also be trying harder at saving, budgeting and shopping SMART instead of splurging and buying something on impulse just because it looks cute.  Unless it's something that I need, of course.  Keyword is need, not want.

And if you've been following me on Instagram, you probably already know that I've already crossed one thing off my wishlist:

Thanks to Joey allowing me to pick out my own belated Christmas gift, I was able to score those bad boys for quite a deal.  Retailed at about $122 on Nastygal, I got them for only $90 (+ $5 shipping) via Poshmark.  100% authentic, in PERFECT almost brand-new condition.  I was so thrilled when I finally got them that I wore them around the house that night!

Joey:  Are those the shoes I got you?
Me:  YES!  Aren't they awesome!?
Joey:  So, I bought you Cinderella shoes?
Me:  What?
Joey:  (shrugs) I guess...

He doesn't get it.  Obvs.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Shopping Smarter: Eyeglasses [feat. Firmoo]


 The "Smartie" Outfit
  Bralette ($5.99) & Tank Top ($7.99): Jeans Warehouse Guam
Blazer (old):  c/o 720four
Guess Jeans ($15.00): via Poshmark
Shoes ($24.99):  Just Fab "Frances"
Glasses ($36.00): c/o Firmoo
Guess Necklace ($7.99):  Ross Guam

It's been a while since I posted my face up in hurr, hasn't it?  Since the death of my camera, I've kind of been limited to my iPhone for photos, which has really put a damper on my hopes of producing better posts with quality images.  Womp womp.  But, a new camera is on my wishlist this year (which I'll post about later) so hopefully I'll be upgrading soon.


Lately I've been all about smart shopping.  I've become obsessed with trying to find the best deals without having to sacrifice the quality of the product.  That whole outfit up there cost me less than $100.00.  REAL.  Take that expensive fashion bloggers!

Towards the end of last year I was contacted by Firmoo to try out another pair of glasses for them.  If you remember, I had previously reviewed a pair of sunglasses from them that were absolutely perfect and still my faves, so of course I was thrilled to be able try a pair of their prescription glasses too.

Once again, Firmoo did not disappoint.  Picking out my frames was the hardest part because they were all so cute and I had a hard time deciding which would look best on me.  I had even had a friend measure my eye area so that I was sure to get frames that would fit my face perfectly (which I definitely recommend you do when you're ordering glasses online) since the awesome folks at Firmoo provide the measurements for each frame on their site for your convenience.

After finally deciding on my frames, the rest was easy.  I was able to fill in my prescription quickly since I had asked my eye doctor (I'm too lazy to google the actual professional title for an "eye doctor" it optometrist?) to write it out for me at my last visit so I had no problems at all.

When I received my Firmoo frames, I immediately tried them on and fell completely in love with them.  The quality is amazing.  The frames are thick and sturdy and the metal hardware is not flimsy or loose.  Firmoo went above and beyond my expectations yet again.

And, though I did receive these glasses compliments of Firmoo, I would (and probably will soon) gladly pay full price for another pair considering that these bad boys only cost $36.00 and they've easily replaced the frames I had just dished out $250.00 (which could have been put towards a new camera) for from that eye doctor of mine.  At least now I know better.  And where the better is.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Write or Die: History is a Mystery

So this year I planned to start trying new things and practicing good habits in order to better myself.  I'm also working on honing my mad skillz and challenging myself to take things to a whole 'notha level (while still remaining gangsta, obvs).  That being said, I've decided to start joining up with one of my favorite bloggers, Vashelle, (who is also absolutely GORGEOUS online and in person) for Write or Die Wednesdays.  It's a great link-up that not only allows us to meet new people and discover new blogs, but it also helps us to explore and develop our writing skills and gain inspiration to push through our writing slumps.

This week's writing prompt is:

As soon as I read this week's prompt I started racking my brain to figure out what I would write about.  Stonehenge?  The Loch Ness Monster?  Aliens?  Why there's always at least one sock without a match when you do laundry?  Of all the things I thought of, there was one word that kept coming to mind:  HISTORY.

Now, to some people, this may not seem like such a mysterious thing.  We do know a lot about what has happened in the past because there are a lot of things and events which have been documented by others who have lived through it.  Unfortunately, there are still a LOT of gaps and holes and unanswered questions that we may never fill or find the answer to.  That is the mysterious part.

The artifacts we've dug up from the ground, the books and journals we've gathered information from still don't tell us everything.  We know that gigantic reptiles roamed the earth once because we've found their bones and fossils but we still don't know why they all died.  We know that man created the wheel but we still don't know who created it and how it happened.

History is one of the biggest mysteries of the world to me.  It's actually fascinating to me.  Did I ever mention that at one point I had my heart set on being an archaeologist?  Not just an archaeologist, but an Egyptologist actually.  I've just always had a thing for Egypt.  The pyramids, the royal scandals, the religious and political turmoil - I'm getting excited just thinking about it!

What about you, what do you find mysterious?  Do you believe in Nessie?  Are you a closet history nerd like I am?

Write or Die Wednesdays

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Tuesday Tips: Prepare for Good Days

Yay, it's the first "blogging" post of the year!  Now that we've all gotten over the holiday hangovers it's time to get down to biz-nass.

Okay, before we get started I want you to stop and think about your day.  How is it going so far?  Good?  Bad?  Awesome?

A lot of times, the outcome of our day depends on our morning routine.  When I ignore the alarm clock in the morning, I end up waking up late and then become frustrated with myself and everyone else because I have to rush through everything which leads to me having a bad day.  But, when I wake up early or on time I'm able to get a quick workout in, shower in peace and drink a cup of coffee while the kids get ready for school so I'm much more relaxed and positive throughout the day.

Think about some of the good days you've had recently.  What was so good about it?  What routines did you go through on those days?  What prepares you for good days?

For me, a good day consists of morning yoga, a hot cup of coffee, and upbeat/feel-good music.  I'm usually extremely motivated and productive throughout the rest of the day when I'm able to do a little yoga or work up a sweat in the morning.

Now let's think about how you work.  Do you need complete silence?  Do you work better under pressure?  What do you absolutely need to get you motivated and focused on what you need to do?

I used to think that having the freedom to do whatever I wanted whenever I wanted was when I worked best.  But, when I really got to thinking about it, I realized that with so much freedom it was easier for me to lose focus and get distracted with other projects and things.  I know now that having a deadline or a set limit of time pushes me to actually complete tasks and allows me to think outside-the-box when I have to.

Another thing that helps me to work well is having a routine.  I try to plan my day efficiently and keep certain things constant and routine.  Same thing should apply when it comes to blogging.  Though I do like to keep my post topic options open and flexible, there are still certain constant things that I do (okay, not lately because I've been in a slump) to help me keep on track when I blog.

Now that it's a new year, it's time to start/get back to good habits in all aspects of our lives, blogging included.  So, I've prepared a little worksheet to help us get out of our slumps and get back to blogging full-force!  Nothing too fancy, just a little checklist of sorts to motivate us and keep us focused on our tasks.  Enjoy!

What do you absolutely need to get through your day?  Where do you find inspiration to blog?  What questions help you get through writer's block?

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Monthly Mantra: January

graphic is designed by Corina Nika, for

Remember my "2015 Game Plan" post last week and how I said that the first four months of this year is when I'll START making changes and trying new things?  Well this is one of those things.

I've decided that each month I'll share an inspirational quote or saying as motivation for myself (and all of us) to get us through the rest of the month.  I've mentioned before that I tend to slack off and lose focus after a while so hopefully having a constant source of motivation for the month will help me to avoid that.

This graphic print was designed by one of the most fabulous designers/bloggers I follow, Corina Nika and her blog is a constant source of motivation for me.  I've shared a few of her designs on here before and this print is just one of the amazing designs she's created.  I'll be printing this graphic out and posting it right next to my computer at work to keep myself motivated and positive throughout my work day.

So, what do you think about this new "Monthly Mantra" series?  What are some quotes/sayings that keep you motivated?  Share them and maybe I'll feature them in the upcoming months!

P.S.  This print was also designed in white, so go and download and print a copy of your own here!