Thursday, July 31, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: Regrouping

So I completely missed yesterday's confessions because, well this happened.  Tropical Storm Halong came through and put up quite a fight.  Fortunately, it wasn't as bad as we thought.  The electricity didn't go out for the most part (some parts of the island did lose power for a short period of time) and nobody was reported to be seriously or fatally injured.  The biggest issue Guam had was the flooding.

Our house wasn't damaged at all, but my in-laws' house (where my children are spending their summer) got flooded early yesterday morning.

Photo credit: Guam PDN

Two storms have passed by in just this month and it's been pretty crazy.  Tomorrow is August (can you believe it?) and we're hoping that the sun will come out again.  We're all in serious need of some sunshine and salt water therapy.

Now that it's the end of July, I've started to realize how behind I've gotten on everything in the last two months.  My blog planner got drenched so I had to chuck it and I hadn't even used it since May.  I started to create my own planner from scratch but had to hold off on finishing that because of work craziness.  Even my work space is piled with files and papers that I haven't had time to organize because of how busy we've been lately.  The house needs a serious cleaning overhaul, I've got to update all the stats and pages on the blog, and I still haven't been able to get rid of the crap we've been meaning to sell.

I've decided that this weekend (and maybe for the whole first week of August) I'll be doing some catch-up.  Blog maintenance, planning, cleaning, reorganizing, etc.  The floods of June and July have washed me out and I need to regroup.

What about you?  Feeling overwhelmed lately?  Need to relax and get shit back in order for fall?  Ever experience some crazy storms? 

P.S. The July giveaway winner is:  Stina!  Go on and congratulate her!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Tuesday Tips: How to Give Your Blog a Makeover

Hooray for a hiatus!  Work and home life have been absolute chaos lately and I'm finally starting to get back into the groove of things.

So it's been a while since I've done a Tuesday Tips post and the one thing I've been hearing since I redesigned my blog (besides all the lovely comments and compliments) is "I want to redesign my blog but I don't know where to start".  Again, I'm not an expert in any way and I don't even call myself a "blog designer" but I have designed and redesigned my blog over and over again all by myself, so here's a little quick start guide for you:

1.  Create your logo.  Your logo is the most important thing about your design!  If your blog were a business, how would the rest of the world identify your business among all the others?  Find a good font, add a little flourish if you want, and throw in some of the colors you plan to use throughout your blog.

2.  Be consistent.  If you've got your logo and your color scheme together, keep it going!  There's no point in having a kick-ass logo and header only to have the rest of your design looking half-assed.  That's like having a full face of makeup and walking out of the house wearing a robe and slippers!  Use the same fonts and colors in your subheaders, buttons, pages, etc.

3.  Keep it simple.  Having too many things going on at once is distracting.  The main focus of your blog should be your posts, so try to keep everything else at a minimum.  Ads, buttons, widgets, etc. can take a really long time to load and that may deter people from reading your blog and it also makes your blog look too cluttered and unprofessional.  This ain't Myspace, people.  Let's keep those animated cursors and glitter clip art outta here and clean up your dividers, tables, and text so we don't have to scroll alllllllllll the way to the right to read the rest of that sentence.  We're classy and shit now.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No GIFs, just a giveaway...and other confessions

...This month has been super crazy so far!  Is anyone else as surprised as I am that July is almost over?  Seriously, where the hell has this year gone?

...I haven't been able to do much blog reading lately because of how crazy it's been at work.  Hoping to catch up on everyone's blogs this week.  No promises though because I've got a shitload of blogs in my feed so it might take me more than a week to catch up.

...Fuck work.

...Remember my #icant + #iknowican post from Friday?  I didn't do a damn thing on that list except get a new phone.  Didn't work out.  Didn't make anything.  Didn't even get to enjoy my weekend because I had to come in to work on Sunday (again, see previous confession).

...Because I've been so behind lately (confession #3), I wasn't able to get the monthly giveaway up last week.  So, since August is just next week, the July giveaway starts today.  You're welcome.

...I don't have time right now to go into detail about what exactly is in the box.  Maybe tomorrow or tonight I'll edit the post to let you know what's in the box.  Maybe.


So I just realized that I didn't even provide you with a photo of what was in the box, here's a photo with a brief description of the items:

Cute floral nail file, nail polish, perfume sample, eye makeup remover, face cleanser, false lashes, sleep mask, and one mystery item.

...I know it's a really vague description, but that's all I can manage right now because (1) I'm tired and (2) I left the box at work so I can't give you the brands and details right now.  Sorry.

...I'll probably end up adding some extras to it this weekend to make up for my half-ass-ness this week.

Friday, July 18, 2014

#icant + #iknowican

 #icant keep procrastinating on this whole workout thing.  "I'll start tomorrow" has been the phrase of the month and I just can't seem to get started.  I did get an hour workout session in last week, but since then - nothing.

#iknowican kick start my weekend by jumping in to a workout routine.  I've been waking up a little earlier lately so I think I can squeeze a 30-minute workout in before my morning shower.  Thanks to my girl Kenzie, I signed up for a 30-day yoga challenge that I'm planning to start this weekend.  I've also signed up for a 5-day HIIT challenge to add a boost to my routine.  And, thanks to Krys, Chris, and Kris, I am continuously drinking water throughout the day!

#icant continue to put off projects.  I have a habit of starting something and then putting it to the side when it starts to get too hard or too complicated.  I need to start a project and finish it.  And thanks to this new creative site I was so lucky to be given a trial to, I've got project ideas coming out of my ass!  Okay, not literally, but seriously it's opened up new outlets for me to try - painting, crochet, paper crafts, etc.

#iknowican get a small project done this weekend.  I think actually finishing a project will make me feel more accomplished and will motivate me to start (and finish) another one.  I'm thinking of putting together something I can wear to the Liberation Day parade on Monday, even if it's just an applique on a shirt.

#icant go without a phone or a camera anymore!  My camera battery has been dead for weeks and I still haven't gotten around to replacing it.  Now that Liberation Day is a few days away, I need to replace it and my phone so I can take and post photos for you guys.  In case you didn't know, Liberation Day is a bigger deal than Independence Day here on Guam.  Check out my post and photos from last year.

#iknowican sign that damn contract and get my new phone.  I've decided (so far) to go with the iPhone 5c.  It's $100 cheaper than the 5s, with most of the same capabilities and functions.  And since the iPhone 6 is expected to come out later this year, I can always buy the 6 unlocked and switch my SIM card over and use the 5c as a back-up.  This decision may change once presented with the actual phone and contract.  Hahaha.

#icant.  Work.  I really just can't anymore.  I feel like I'm dying every day in this place.  I think I need a new career path.

#iknowican have a great 3-day weekend to energize and recharge and hopefully start to have better work weeks.  Yeah, right.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Thursday Thoughts: On Being Obsessed with Yourself

Okay, so let's talk about me for a second.  I'm frikken AWESOME.  Seriously, I am.  I'm not perfect and I will never claim to be perfect, but I'm pretty damn close.

Is it weird that I have over 100 selfies on Instagram?  No.  Is it weird that I have 5 different mirrors in my closet just so I don't miss seeing myself on the way out?  Not at all.  Is it weird to have a mirror directly under my computer screen angled right to my face so I can look at how gorgeous I am throughout the day?  Absolutely not.

You know the term "Look good, feel good, do good"?  I live by that term.  I believe that when you look good on the outside, it makes you feel good on the inside and that, in turn, makes you want to do good and be AMAZING.  You have to take pride in the way you look and be confident in who you are in order to do epic shit and help others do epic shit too.

Some people may say that being so into myself is shallow and vain, but why?  What is so shallow about loving yourself and showing it?  If you don't look or feel awesome, how will anyone else know that you really are awesome?  Think about it:  you're your best promoter!

And yes, some days we just feel crappy.  That's life.  But if you need a quick boost of confidence to get back on the awesomeness track, here's a few quick tricks:

1.  Take a selfie.  It sounds shallow, but taking a good photo of yourself can really boost your self-love.  And seeing all the likes you get on it only multiplies that feeling.

2.  Put on some makeup.  One of the best things about being a girl is getting to play with makeup.  If you need a quick boost, throw on a coat of mascara or a swipe of lipstick to change up your look without going overboard.

3.  Dance for yourself.  Seriously.  Turn on your favorite song and dance in front of the mirror!  It'll instantly make your day seem a whole lot more exciting and you'll feel energized and ready to take on the day.  Bonus points for singing or lip-syncing!

See, aren't these tips just as fun and awesome as I am?  I know, right?  You've got to live with yourself for the rest of your life.  So love yourself.  HARD.
Now tell me, how awesome are you?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

I love me some naps...and other confessions

I didn't write a post yesterday because we spent the morning at the clinic while Trace got his arch bars out.  The rest of the day was spent taking care of him since his mouth was still pretty sensitive and he was still really groggy from the anesthesia.  I also got some much-needed rest and relaxation too.
I also don't know what I would have written about had I been in front of the computer instead of sprawled out on my bed.
When the nurses asked me if I wanted to keep Trace's arch bars, I pretty much looked at them like they were the stupidest people on the planet.  No, I do not want something that was in my son's mouth for over a month!  I get that some people save little souvenirs from the hospital, but that shit is disgusting.  No thanks.
I've been having a hard time deciding what phone I should get.  My previous phone was the iPhone 4.  Now, I know that the iPhone 6 is expected to come out soon but I really can't go that long without some kind of device so I have to choose one now and I'm driving myself nuts over it.  Here are my options:  (1) iPhone 4s which is free, (2) iPhone 5c which is $49, or the (3) iPhone 5s which is $149.  Which should I choose?
All those phone options are with the 2-year contract and that kills me!  I was previously contract-free which meant I could cancel at any time without having to pay a fee.  Since my phone broke and nobody has a good, working iPhone 4 or higher that they're not currently using, I am now forced to get the stupid contract.  I feel like I'm losing my freedom!

Now it's your turn to fess up!  And tell me, what phone do you have?  Also, what phone should I get?

Monday, July 14, 2014

This weekend was...

Empty threats
Good soup
Sighs of relief
Broken phone
Netflix binging
Living-room camping
Finally sunshine
Turkey and stuffing
No workouts
Oreo pie
Messy rooms

Thanks for all your prayers and good thoughts on Friday!  The threat of the tropical storm had passed and we got the "all clear" early Saturday morning.  We spent our weekend at home, just as we would have, had the storm hit.  It allowed me to relax, have some down time to play with the kids, and I also turned on the old sewing machine and started on a few projects that I'm looking forward to completing this week!

How was your weekend?