Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Flu Season

I hate flu season! Last weekend my oldest was sick with the flu, then it was passed on to the middle child, which then got passed on to my youngest and also myself. It was like dominoes, one right after the other. Thankfully the girls are doing much better, but my son (the youngest) still has a really bad cough.

Yesterday was Monday, first day of the work week and one of my least favorite days. Still feeling under the weather, I threw on a dress, grabbed a pair of strappy sandals (more sandals than heels since I consider "heels" to be at least 4 inches), and a black boyfriend cardigan (my go-to cover up). I barely had the urge to put on makeup (which is odd for me) so I just slapped on some eyeliner and headed out the door. When I came home from work and finally looked at myself in the mirror it dawned on me that I looked like a kindergarten teacher. -__-

Dress: $10.00 during the closing sale at Rave in Pearlridge Shopping Center (2007 I think)
Cardigan: $15.99 Mossimo brand, bought at Target by my mother dearest
Shoes: Nicky Shoe Company (I think), given to me by my cousin for my bridesmaid ensemble at her wedding


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