Monday, November 21, 2011

I Hate Mondays

Today is rubbing me the wrong way, and it's only 10:35 a.m.! It was a good thing that my laptop's "Low Battery" warning woke me up this morning otherwise Joey would have been late to work today. I checked the time on my laptop (6:25 a.m.) and it didn't match with the time Joey set when he plugged in the alarm clock last night (6:02 a.m.). I woke him up and we all had to rush to get ready, which is not how I like to start my mornings. Thankfully he arrived at work early and after dropping Aniyah to school I had time to stop and get coffee (Caramel Crunch Frappe).

I think the worst part of today - so far - was an email I got from my school, Kaplan University, saying that I have been withdrawn from my classes due to lack of attendance for 21 days, which is bogus. I was informed that I would have to re-register for my classes and call my academic advisor to inform them if they made an error, which I did, and nobody answered. I hate waiting on the phone only to leave a message and for nobody to call me back! Because of the time difference between here and there, I have to call early in the mornings and I need to have this problem solved soon since I can't afford to fail a class due to a mysterious "lack of attendance"! Ghaaaa...the past few months of school have been killing me! I need to hurry up and graduate! Hopefully all this gets settled soon!

Anyway, my weekend was spent relaxing with my family, getting my hair done, and stuffing my fat face. The only thing I bought was a new bathing suit from the little swimwear boutique at the Plaza:

Fox, $72.00

Crossing my fingers for my stupid Academic Advisor to call me back ASAP!

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