Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Officially Sick

Okay, its official. I'm sick. Woke up early this morning at 6:20 a.m. in a good mood so the hubby went to McDonald's and bought breakfast. I have been craving a hash brown for the past two weeks now so when I finally bit into one this morning, it tasted like cardboard. -_- My sense of taste is gone and I hate it! I couldn't even finish that hash brown! So much for my good morning!

Yesterday was the first time in a few weeks that I actually dressed up for work (makeup, accessories, etc.) and I forgot how great it felt to look good at work. Even though I mostly sit behind a desk all day, its still a good feeling knowing that you look GREAT behind that desk. Please don't mind the picture, I still haven't had the time to go get my hair recolored (I swear I'll do it this weekend) so my roots have grown out which is why I crop half my face out in these pictures most of the time.

Corset top: $10 Charlotte Russe
Skirt: Mossimo Brand, Compliments of mom
Shoes: Wild Diva, $28 A-1 Shoes in Agana Shopping Center
Double finger ring: $4.00 Charlotte Russe
Bangles: $4.00 Charlotte Russe

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