Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Don't call me skinny.

So I've noticed lately that a lot of bloggers have been trying out a few challenges to get in shape and be healthy (you've seen it too, right?). Now I am definitely NOT a healthy person. Like at all. I mean seriously, look at my snack drawer here at work:

See, told you. But with all the buzz in the blog world about workout challenges and getting fit I decided to try it out. WAIT, scratch that, I was CHALLENGED! My friend Nicole, who will now be referred to as Miss Bodyrock, has called me out to join the 30 Day Challenge.

From what I got from the website ( it seems like they put up one workout every day (either in the form of a video or a set of photos) for you to do at home. I've watched a few of the videos and they seem pretty INTENSE! Like, I'm literally exhausted just from sitting here on my butt and watching it. But they break down the workout for you so you can understand what you're doing and they even provide you with modifications for those of us who are not athletic in the least bit (*ahem, ME!).

The more videos I watch and the more posts I read from Miss Bodyrock's blog make me excited to actually try it. People have said they've seen amazing results from doing the challenge and I really want to try and lose (and maintain) 10 pounds or 2 dress sizes.

WAIT A MINUTE! Now for those of you who may be thinking "Ohmygosh you're so skinny!" or "You don't need to lose weight!", you have not seen me naked. I'm not about to post a picture, so just trust me - it is not a pretty sight. I'm not calling myself 'fat' or anything, I just know that my body is not in the best shape it could be in ("round" is not a shape). Just because I can fit myself into size 3 jeans doesn't mean that I'm comfortable in them. I wear flowy tops over skinny jeans to hide the rolls that pop out when I sit down. Yup, the honest truth is coming out!

So I've decided to join the challenge along with Miss Bodyrock next month! Yay me! I'm not gonna go all out and start dieting too (c'mon now, let's face it - I am and always will be a Big Hungry Girl) but I'll try to cut down on a few things like soda, greasy foods, and late night snacks and I'm also going to try to drink more water.

Well, that's it! Would YOU like to join the challenge as well?? Visit's website to watch a few videos and join us in the upcoming challenge! And now, I'll leave you with one of my favorite junk food items of all time, Green Tea KitKat!


  1. Your are right.I can not disagree.
    Following your lovely blog
    care to follow back?

  2. OH YA!!!! Oh and you do not need any type of equipment. You can just use yourself ;-)
    They always give modifications to all their workouts if you don't have HA! I'm so glad you're gonna do it with me. And round is NOT a size. I get the same "criticism" from people when I tell them how much I work out. They just don't understand.

  3. Green tea kitkat?!? What???
    Everyone constantly tells me I'm skinny bla bla bla, but being tiny doesn't mean we are fit! I may have to join you on this little challenge :) I want to start some type of exercise, but I always make excuses!
    xo Heather

    1. Yes! Join us! Go check out the site and watch the videos...they kind of intimidated me at first, but their bodies are sickkkkkkk! And their modifications are much simpler for un-fit, non-gym rats like us!

      And Green Tea KitKats are BOMB! They only sell them in Japan though, so they're hard to get. If I fly through Japan this fall I'll try and pick up some for you to try...but I'd have to figure out a way so it wouldn't melt by the time it gets to you! Lol. I'll work on it.

  4. You go girl! Yeah, I would join but with training for a half marathon and P90x, i dont think I can even squeeze bodyrock right now:/. I wish i did so i have someone to do a program with. its pretty hard to motivate yourself when youre doing something on your own. so good for you:). I will be your cheerleader and hope your goals are met in every way you want it, it to. and thanks for waving those kit kats in front of me...what a frikken jk. xx. love me some kit go to candy bar at least once a month...:).

    1. LMFAO! You are hilarious! Like I told Heather above, next time I go through Japan - or if someone I know is going to Japan - I'll pick some up and send them to you once I figure out how to keep them from melting before they get there!

      And if I can keep up with the challenge in March, I might just do it again in April then you can join in too!

  5. well, my half marathon is on May 6th...I should be done with P90X at that point. although i wanted to start insanity afterwards to get the dream so yes, if you do it over again...i think i will jump on the bandwagon...but lets see those results first girl! I already know p90x works...i want to see how your program does for you. keep us posted:). xx.

  6. ps...yes please on those green tea kit kats!! :-)~


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