Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Fridays (I'm one day ahead of most bloggers)

Woo-hoo its Friday! If you don't know, I live on Guam, which is a day ahead of everyone else. So today I decided to do a fun blog post to kick-off the weekend.

Uterus Panties by KnickerRocker:

I was browsing through Etsy earlier today and stumbled upon these quirky little undergarments. I don't think many males would appreciate the humor of this if they saw this in person, but I love little funny (and sexual) things like this.

Lipstick Dots 4 by Jen Ramos at Cocoa and Hearts:

I would love to have a painting like this in my house. The colors remind me of the ocean and home. Guess it's another thing to add to my DIY "to do" list. I'd need to find a canvas big enough though.

Katkeshi print by

No matter what, this print always seems to make me smile. I used to have piercings there, and I would always show them off to people who would ask. What's the use of getting something like that if they're never seen? I mean I wasn't walking around without a top on or anything, I just thought it was really cool and most of my best friends are gay/bi/lesbian, so of course I showed them.

Octopus ring.

I love all ocean/sea creature themed things, so I am in love with this Octopus ring! How cool would it be as a gold bangle though, right?

And lastly, day 3 of the February photo challenge, HANDS. (Okay, so they're not MY hands, but just love this photo!)

Have a great weekend bloggers!

♥ Duckie.


  1. I love the panties and the painting! Especially the panties though, this are too funny!

  2. Yeah I saw the panties on Etsy and I knew I just HAD to post it! I've got a very weird sense of humor (my best friends are gay: the loud, open, hilarious kind) so things like this just crack me up!

    Can you imagine being a boy about to lose his virginity and you see the girl wearing these? He'd be so confused and freaked out that he'd probably run and become a priest! Hahahaha!

    And yes, I am in love with the Lipstick Dots 4 painting. Jen Ramos is a genius for creating and selling these! I would like to recreate this for my own personal use, it'd be great in a bedroom, especially if you have bedding that compliments the colors of the dots.

    She also has a collection that looks pretty much like my hand does when I swatch my eyeshadows. It is a pretty cool piece to have, especially for your vanity or dresser. You should try to recreate one of the paintings! And since you'll be heading to college soon, you could put it in your dorm (if you are in fact dorming)! Check out her gallery at for inspiration!

    ♥ Duckie.

  3. I just browsed her site, and all her pieces are so simple and pretty! I love the colours. Yes, I am dorming, so I definitely am going to need some pretty art for my room ;) I'll definitely show you if I end up recreating one of her works!

    xo Heather

  4. Yay! How exciting! I would kill to be your age again. There are a LOT of things I would like to do again. High school/college (okay I never actually WENT to my classes during college) days were so fun and easy (again, probably because I never actually attended my classes)!

    I never dormed, but I'm sure it'll be a great experience for you! And now I have a general idea of what to make you for the pay it forward project!

    ♥ Duckie.


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