Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Love these Tags!

So Halle over at Classic+Glam tagged me in her latest post TAG! Are you tagged? and this is my first time being tagged in a post (which of course is super awesome)! So, she posted 11 questions for me (and the other people she tagged) to answer. Then, I create 11 questions of my own for you to answer. Simple and fun!

Here's Halle's questions along with my answers:

1. What does your dream birthday look like?
My dream birthday would probably be a bonfire party back home on the beach in Hawaii with my family and all my old and new friends together. Nothing extravagant, just good food, great people, an acoustic guitar and some bongo drums.

2. When did you first start blogging? why?
Well I think my very first blog was created on Xanga about 10 years ago! But I restarted this blog in November 2011 as a way for my sister and I to communicate and share our favorite outfits with each other.

3. What is your favorite food?
I guess it would have to be pasta. I could eat pasta every day of my life if I didn't have to worry about the weight gain that goes with it. Lasagna, Fettuccini Alfredo, Genovese, Ravioli, Macaroni, the pastabilities are endless!

4. What is your least favorite food?
This one's easy: Eggplant & Liver. YUCK!

5. What do you like to do on a rainy day?
I always find myself coloring on rainy days. Been that way since I was little, but now I also read, watch movies, make forts, and play with my kids.

6. Tea or coffee?
I've never really preferred either until I started working here at my current firm. Coffee was always bitter to me and tea just tasted like hot water. My coworkers introduced me to flavored liquid coffee creamers and I became addicted! I was also introduced to honey as a sweetener in tea, so of course I'm hooked on that as well!

7. What magazine(s) do you read?
Not really much of a magazine reader but I have always loved Cosmo (who doesn't?).

8. What is the story behind your blog name? (if there is one!)
"Frikken Duckie": My aunt would always refer to me as "Lucky" when I was younger, which then got turned into "Lucky Duckie" by my friends, and then just "Duckie" which stuck with me throughout my modeling and gogo career and up to now. "Frikken" is pidgin talk and something we locals would say when someone did something funny/stupid/crazy/extreme and could also be used for saying "What the ________". For example, "Frikken Duckie, I never no you work here!" or "Ho brah, that wave was frikken killah!" or "Dude, that frikken guy got pounded in that wave!"

9. What is the most exotic food you've ever tried?
The most exotic food I have tried would probably be turtle.

10. What is the store you shop at most? (clothing wise)
Probably Forever21 & Charlotte Russe, that's usually where I get most of my basics. But I have found a few new favorite online boutiques that I will be ordering from soon: Stitched and Adorned, Rouche, and Sway

11. Are you wearing nailpolish right now? If so, which color & brand?
Yes! All OPI brand in Osaka to Me, Who the Shrek Are You, and Stars in My Eyes.

So here are the bloggers I've tagged:


If you were tagged, please answer the following questions! If you've already been tagged, just answer the following questions and tag me back.

1. How would you describe your blog to a stranger?

2. What is your favorite blog and why?

3. What is one fashion trend that you think you can't pull off and why? (i.e., tights under shorts, platform heels, hot pants, etc.)

4. What would you consider to be your greatest accomplishment thus far?

5. How would you describe your style?

6. What is your favorite item in your wardrobe and why?

7. Who is your fashion idol?

8. Your biggest fear?

9. Your favorite beauty product EVER?

10. What is one current tv show that you would love to be on?

11. What do you hope to accomplish through your blog?

Create 11 questions and tag 11 bloggers (don't forget to let them know) - who then continue the chain with their own questions and answering yours!


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  2. Hello! thanks for doing the tag! it was so much fun reading your answers! Btw- yours nails look amazing! :)

    Have a great day!

  3. oooh..! will def get to this! :) thanks, love.


  4. Heck ya!!! Off to answer your questions :-)

  5. I've been tagged by this little thing 3 or 4 times now, I don't know why I keep putting it off! Your answers are so fun, I definitely need to do this already
    xo Heather

  6. Thanks for tagging me i'll have to do this on my next post :)


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