Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lovely New Look

Yay it's February! Let's celebrate and embrace the LOVE! Did you feel that? I just digitally hugged you. (I know, I know...lame)

Anyway, so I've decided to try out the whole "31 Days To Build a Better Blog" by Darren Rowse program. Okay, so I actually haven't bought the book or anything yet (I'm a big 'pretend' spender, remember?) but I did manage to get a sneak peak of Day 1 and Day 2, via's "Look Inside" feature for eBooks (don't worry, I do plan to get the whole book). I must say that it is an interesting read, especially for new bloggers like myself who are trying to make a ripple in a big blog pond.

Day 1: Write an elevator pitch for your blog. I guess I could consider that done, since I did update the theme for this month and added that little phrase to my header: A "little bit of everything" blog. What do you think? The "elevator pitch" is supposed to entice readers to want to read and follow your blog. But in order to write your pitch, you have to know what your blog is about. I drew a blank line at first, because I want my blog to be about everything! And myself, of course. I'm sure I'll go through many "pitches", but this one suits me for now.

What about YOU? Have you read 31 Days to Build a Better Blog? What is YOUR "elevator pitch"?

And now I leave you with a photo for the February photo-a-day challenge (okay so I only started today, shoot me). FEBRUARY 2: Words.

Take the challenge:

♥ Duckie.


  1. oooh, totally RAD that you're joining in on the Pay It Forward party..! :) i'm super stoked - i'll send you a follow up email soon!

    also... girl, i just started blogging in november and i'm STILL trying to grasp what my blog is. and what i want it to be.
    but! everyday, i come across new inspiration and i've realized that if i want it to be just one thing TOO badly - it just becomes a lot of mush. ahah.

    so i've said screw that - i'm just gonna do me. ahah, and i just made this decision a few days ago. lols.

    if you track my blog back to the beginning, i started off with a bunch of arts and crafts. and then it transitioned to thrifting. and LOTS of it. and then i went through a total food phase. smh.

    and then it was just in jan that i came back full circle and am now touching on a little of everything. lols.

    now THAT, was lame. ahahah.

    anyways, let me know if i can help you with anything. i know i wished there was someone who would've reached out and showed me the ropes when i first started blogging - but some people are way too pretentious or their blogs are just too big to be personal anymore. so, eh!

    anyways... wow. i talk alot. ahah, i will shush up now.


  2. Whoa you've only been blogging since November? You could have fooled me with the quality of your blog and all the followers you've got so far! Kudos to you!

    I had no idea how to do this whole blogging thing when I first started out in 2009, then again in 2010, then yet again in 2011. I had been following one fashion blog ( for a long time and I loved her posts about her outfits, thrifting, and her revamped vintage projects she would do.

    I thought to do a blog about fashion, and I was inspired to go thrifting or do crafts, but alas, there aren't many thrift stores on the island of Guam, and my sewing machine is still back home in my parent's attic in Hawaii. So I decided to just go with what I had (which still isn't much so far).

    As a fellow Gemini, I'm sure that my blog will start to go in phases like yours as well. And I am a total fat girl at heart! I love food, and lots of it! My friends and I even call ourselves the "Big Hungry Girls" whenever we would get together and have dinner (and speaking of dinner I am totally BHS, which of course means Big Hungry Status). Hahaha. So I know my posts will vary often.

    I am still a newbie blogger but would like to start making stuff to sell to. I used to be really crafty, but I think I just lost my motivation. If it were in the form of food, I never would have lost it. So I'm trying to start the 31 Days to a Better Blog thing just to see what can come of it.

    And please feel free to critique my blog! Any comments are good comments!

    BTW, from one foodie to another, check out for recipe posts! His posts look so delicious and I'm actually gonna try to make his Buffalo Chicken Potato Skins for Superbowl weekend.

    ♥ Duckie.

    P.S. Please don't mind if this comment doesn't make sense to you. It's 4pm on Friday here and I'm still at work, and too lazy right now to scroll back through what I typed to re-read it. ^_^

  3. I follow both of your blogs, and I love that the 3 of us are all relatively new to blogging (Started mine in January!) I'd love for us all to critique each other's blogs a bit. I feel like the few people that do comment on my blog only try to be nice so I follow back. Nobody bothers to tell me when my links don't work or when they can't read my fonts, and it drives me nuts! How can I get better if nobody points out the mistakes?
    I've never heard of the 31 Days to a Better Blog thing, but it sounds great! I'll have to look into it!
    One post that has helped me a lot is this 1 week to better blogging :

    xo Heather

  4. Heather, I completely agree! I'm glad that the three of us will be able to help each other out with blogging since we are all still learning (though you two are pretty awesome at it already).

    Also, thanks for the link to that post! I love how she refers to her blog as a "personal style" blog rather than a fashion blog.

    So cheers for new bloggers! And hopefully we can help other newbies build their blogs as well.

    ♥ Duckie.


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