Thursday, February 16, 2012


Okay so if you've read up on my posts, you would know that I'm great at coming up with cool and awesome ideas but...not so great at actually doing anything about it. And, due to my pay it forward announcement (I'd put a link in, but you could just scroll down anyway, right?) I am happily forced to do something with all my crafty ideas.

So, that being said, I am so excited to start on a diy craft tutorial this weekend. Yeah I know it'll be a few days until I post it, but I'm just so excited that I'm actually doing something crafty (yup, THAT is how boring my life is). Now, it's not like I'm gonna do a complicated craft that requires a lot of time and materials (c'mon now, you really think I'm gonna go all out on the first shot?), in fact this first mini project only uses like 4 things (maybe 5) tops! AND you don't really have to buy anything at all (okay maybe a soda) because they're all household items.

Okay, so I'm talking too much about it and I really want to wait until I post it but it's killing me cuz I'm so excited! And I had talked to my sister about this before but never actually did the darn thing (see, told ya - not great at executing ideas) so it'd be cool to FINALLY get 'er done. Lol.

I'll be posting it soon, so be on the lookout! Who knows, I may end up just posting it tomorrow if I can't contain my urge to do it immediately. Either way, its a win/win situation!

♥ Duckie.

P.S. If any of you crafty bloggers out there want to share some of your ideas, please feel free! I'd love to try them out! (At least when I finally am able to get around to doing it) ;P


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