Friday, March 30, 2012

Blogging 101 + Some changes

So today's (day 11) challenge (yes I know I skipped day 10 - set up alerts to monitor things that relate to your blog - because I already do that) is to come up with 10 future post ideas. I have a hard time figuring out what to write sometimes so making a list of posts to do in the future helps a lot!

Because of today's challenge AND because of a request from my dear friend and fellow blogger Halle of Classic + Glam, I've decided to change my posts up a little. So here's what you should be looking forward to starting next week:

Series Posts.

Mondays will now be dedicated to makeup! Yay! I'll be posting a makeup tutorial or review every Monday. I'm not sure if this will be in video form or in a series of pictures since I'm not all that comfortable talking to myself while recording but we'll see.

For Tuesdays, I'm thinking of doing a series of recipe posts because - well lets face it, we all know I LOVE me some food.

'What I Wore Wednesdays' will still continue.

Thursdays are still up in the air so it'll just be whatever is on my mind for now.

And Fridays, well I'm still not sure on that either.

So Frikken Crafty.

I know. I KNOW! I'm trying my hardest to post another craft tutorial but all the things I want to do - well they don't have the right supplies here on Guam. No leather cord for the leather wrap bracelets, no gold fringe for the eyemask, no glue guns, no mod podge in stock, etc. Seriously. But, as I mentioned in yesterday's post (here) my friend Ardyce (isn't her name just so cool? It's pronounced ardiss which sounds like artist - and she's a pretty good artist) and I are working on putting together some awesome crafts and I will definitely share them with you all.

Guest posters.

So after being a guest post on Heather's blog (Hopeless Notebook) the other day (my post here) I've decided to try and persuade you folks (yeah I just said "folks") out there to guest post here! I think it's a great way for me and others to learn from you! And it also provides awesome opportunities for you to branch out and get new readers/followers to your blog as well! If you're interested, just holler at me: and we'll set it up.

Well I think that's all the changes I'll be doing for now. Until I think of something else again. But before I leave you, I just wanted to give a little shout-out to my wonderful/kooky/old-fashioned man:


Today is Joey's 30th (yes omg he's 30!) birthday! It's really weird though. He still looks very young and he still acts like a kid so people don't really believe his actual age. Anyway, happy birthday honey! I know all your wishes came true already because - well, let's face it - fate brought you to me. Lol. I loved you yesterday, I love you today, and I'll love you tomorrow.

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Happy Birthday Joey!!!! Welcome to the dirty 30! Its not that dirty, pretty clean...good benefits, vacation...LOL
    Jess I really have been missing u! I think I shall join in and do makeup stuff on Mondays too. Oh and I missed yesterday's what I sucked but I'll make sure to get it in. You should create buttons for your days!

    1. Haha! Yes, please do Makeup Mondays with me too! It'll be fun! We could even do themed/inspired looks (sunsets, ocean, purples, etc.) too! Yay!

      Idk what look I'll post on Monday but I'm thinking I'll just do my favorite peacock inspired look or something simple that I do all the time - so I don't look like a complete idiot on my first try! Lol.

    2. LOL. I've already "planned" to do my everyday makeup look this coming Monday...maybe LOL.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! Awesome! Don't worry if you cant though! :)

    Enjoy your week,

  3. Happy Birthday Joey....very, very handsome. I wish....I was 30 again. My birthday was the 23rd...not telling you how old I was. So glad you came by my blog. Let me know if you have any questions. I just started blogging like 6 months ago and I had to google every single step. I'm still learning stuff and trying to figure out how to grow my readers and expand my Etsy Shop. Definitely still a work in progress. Heck no I don't mind if you stopped it. I'm small and new and trying to get out there. I'm kind of smart ass so I like to have some fun with it. Good luck and I will definitely become a follower.

    1. Happy Belated Birthday to you!

      I have to admit that I have been stuck on your blog for the past hour or so since I first came across it! Joey and I are in the process (very slow process) of remodeling/decorating our home so your diy/tutorials are AMAZING! I love that PB knockoff bed that you did!!

      I am now scouring Knock Off Decor and Ana-White for projects. I never even knew those sites existed before I visited your blog. You are my savior! Seriously. We've been in our house for almost a year now and we still have nothing in it - mostly because the prices for furniture here are way too expensive. Now I have a few sites to get plans and inspiration from so I can build it myself, because let's face it - Joey's probably never gonna get around to doing it!

      And cheers to smart asses! Sometimes people just don't get our humor. Oh well. ^_^

  4. Having some sort of little schedule really does help a lot! At least it does for me. Then I get super disappointed when I can't make time to post what I want to :-P

    Have you guys tried ordering the craft stuff online? I buy a lot of stuff off of etsy, or I know the craft store, Joann's, has a website you can buy from.

    & I'll probably forget to email you, but I definitely wouldn't mind guest posting ;)

    & Happy birthday to your mister :) but that's kind of ridiculous, that man does NOT look that old!!!

    xo Heather

    1. Yeah I'm thinking a schedule would be easier for me since I won't have to think so hard about what to post. I've never heard of Joann's but we will definitely check it out. Guam is extremely limited and shipping rates can get ridiculous but hopefully it pays off!

      And thank you for the birthday wish to him. I hope I still look 23 when I'm 30!

      Also, I would absolutely love for you to do a guest post! I'll email you about it soon.


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