Friday, March 9, 2012

DIY Fail + Workaholic weekend

Okay guys, so I know I said I would do the 3rd installment of "So Frikken Crafty" at the end of the week but guess what!? It is soooo NOT happening. Lol. I really wanted to do it this week but when I went to the craft store on Tuesday to get the stuff for the horses I'm making, I totally forgot to buy the supplies for my "So Frikken Crafty" craft thing. Super frikken FAIL, I know.

I'm hoping to get the supplies this weekend but I have to prioritize right now since I'm totally slacking on my final projects (which were due on Tuesday) and need to get those done first. These are the consequences of procrastination. -_-

Speaking of procrastination I'm feeling really sluggish today and haven't gotten much done. It literally took me ALL day to write this post. No joke. I started it when I got in to the office this morning (8:30am) and it is now 3:30pm. Seriously. I need to get started on my homework!!!!! Grrrrrrrrrgh!!


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