Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Office Bullies + What I Wore Wednesday

Being a grown up is tough. You need food, clothing, and shelter. In order to get those things you need to earn money for them. You need a job.

Trying to get a job is even tougher. You have to write a resume, apply at different places, check your phone constantly to see if anyone called you, schedule an interview time if they do, try not to crap your pants during the interview so you can get the job.

You'd think that once you've gotten the job it'd be smooth sailing after that, right? WRONG! Unless you work entirely for yourself, you've got to deal with others. These "others" are coworkers, supervisors, bosses, and even clients and customers. And not all of these people will like you, in fact a few of them may even be downright mean. But hey, you're a grown up so you just gotta deal with it. Here's a few tips and tricks that I use against one particular office bully:

Kill them with kindness. I know, I know - it is a lot harder than it seems, but trust me, this is your best strategy especially if you're new. If a few coworkers make snippy little comments about you, just smile and comment on how lovely their shoes are (even if the ARE hideous) while you imagine them twisting their ankle and falling down a flight of stairs.

Annoy them. If your pretend kindness act didn't work. Bug the crap out of them! Every time they say something, add to it. If you hear a few bullies talking together about coffee or hair or another coworker, put your two cents in there! Who cares if nobody asked you. It'll shut them up every time they're around you and you can just laugh to yourself at how they all try to keep quiet whenever they pass by.

Find common ground. If you really want to befriend your bully, find something you both have in common and work with that. Do they like to run 5k's? Ask if they could give you a few tips on breathing or show you a few stretches to do. Even if you don't have anything in common, making an effort to befriend them may help them lay off a bit.

Do your job. If you're slacking off, chances are someone's pissed. That someone is probably the one that has to cover your ass all the time. No wonder you're getting bullied! Do your job, and do it right so you won't put extra stress and pressure on someone else. Now, if they're getting paid more than you are for doing the exact same thing - then slacking off here and there should be permitted.

Stand your ground. If someone's really picking on you and making your life miserable, do something about it! Tell a superior. Or, what I always do, fight back (not physically of course). If you need supplies, grab it from their desk. Hey, if the company paid for it, all the company employees should be able to use it, right? Just make sure you put yours in a locked drawer. What happened to their lunch? Oops, you accidentally threw it away because you thought it looked spoiled. Fighting back can be fun and eventually they'll see how much it sucks to be bullied. Either that or you'll get punched in your face. But then they'll be fired and you can take their job!

I hope you liked my tips. I was feeling really upset this morning because a particular someone was being extremely rude to me (I think it must be menopause or something) and totally snapped at me when I asked them "What is this saved as?" (referring to a document they created in their system folder) and then they completely shoved some boxes on the floor towards me while I was sitting at my desk, trapping me in so they could open a drawer, and then left the boxes there. Needless to say I kicked the boxes back across the floor and left them there.

Anyway, here's what I'm wearing today:

Makeup: Black lid, dark turquoise crease, nude lips
Top: Dark Blue/Green Mossimo blouse, $20 Target
Bottom: Black Mossimo Pencil Skirt, $30 Target
Shoes: Black glitter platform heels, $?? Charlotte Russe

And by the way, don't forget to check out my guest post today (right here) over at Hopeless Notebook! Have a wonderful Wednesday!


  1. This post makes me want to stay in school forever! even tho you get a ton of pressure from professors and paper work. I am really sorry all that happening to you :( Hopefully better days will come along

    1. Lol! Yeah, thankfully my "office bully" has calmed down a bit since this morning. She has her mood swings and she's not all that bad but she uses her seniority over me and pushes my buttons sometimes.

  2. Bullies are the worst! Lucky for myself everyone at my job is really nice and will just tell you if something is wrong. Sometimes you wonder if people are really grown up enough to be doing their jobs!

    1. You're one of the lucky ones! Yeah, most times my office bully is pretty cool but once in a while she's just out to get me and it really upsets me - especially if I've got deadlines to deal with too!

      It just blows my mind that adults (especially female ones) always seem to act like they're still in high school. Making silly remarks, snickering, not being nice to someone because your friend doesn't like them, etc. I wish I had my own office so I could just shut the door and not have to deal with anyone else sometimes. Lol.

  3. I cant believe that happens at the workplace! I would put her in her place...give her a taste of her own medicine! Keep your chin up and stand your ground. Thats frikken bullshit!


    1. Lol! Don't worry, when someone pushes me I always push back! ;)


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