Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Review: Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System + What I Wore Wednesday

Yay, my first review post! So as you may (or may not) know, I had purchased the Neutrogena Microdermabrasion System two weeks ago (post here) and promised that I'd do a review of it once I had a couple weeks to try it out.

I have a bit of an obsession with beauty products so I tend to just buy them on impulse and then look for their reviews online after I've already purchased them. Most of the reviews I've read were all positive and a lot of people did see a difference after using it for more than 2 weeks. Here's a funny excerpt from one review I came across:

"I love this product. There are sufficient microdermabrasion pads included in this pack to get you hooked on using it--and hooked you will be, for the results speak for themselves. My face is squeaky clean and smooth after using, and I feel like my other facial products are that much more effective (such as moisturizers and serums) after using this product every 3 days. It seems to be having good results in terms of decreasing the look and size of my pores.

As a fun aside note....I think that this product could also be used, ahem, for another purpose. It has two speeds, and the head that the microderm pads are attached to, can also be detached. So. Just sayin'. "

The kit comes with the microdermabrasion wand, batteries, and enough microderm pads to last you a month (12).

The product gives you these statistics:

Dermatologist clinical study proves:
Instantly: 91% had smoother, more luminous skin
1 Week: 88% had visible improvement in the look of fine lines
4 Weeks: 88% had significantly reduced appearance of wrinkles or age spots
8 Weeks: 72% had substantially firmer-looking skin

So after opening the package and turning it on I was a little surprised to see that this product vibrates rather than rotates the microderm pad. When I first turned it on and put it to my face it was a little uncomfortable because the pad is so abrasive (microdermABRASION - duh) but I switched it to low and got used to the feeling after a while. I don't know how long you're supposed to keep scrubbing your face but I stopped after my hand got numb (due to the constant vibration from the product).

After washing the foam off my face I notice a drastic difference in my skin. It was extremely clean and smooth (the way its supposed to feel after cleaning) but what really sold me was the soft/airy feel of my skin. My skin has never felt so soft in all my life!

I use makeup just about every day and this product worked wonders on the years of makeup abuse my face has had. My pores are visibly smaller since I started using it which shows a HUGE difference in my entire complexion. I've been using it every 2-3 days, so I've really only used it about 4 times and to see results so quickly after this little usage is pretty amazing to me.

I definitely recommend that you try it out for yourself. It's a pretty cheap kit (I bought it for about $25 here on Guam) in comparison to other brands that offer the same and I think it is well worth the money.

And now on to what I'm wearing today:

Makeup: Black crease, light brown lid, black eyeliner, baby pink lipstick
Leopard-print top (lace back): $9.99, Ross
Boyfriend cardigan: From my mom
Dark blue/black jeggings: From Joey's mom
Ruffled side boots: Free from a friend

This entire outfit (not including the makeup) cost me less than $10.

Oh, and btw, I picked up a new beauty product yesterday (yes, ANOTHER one):

Garnier Dark Spot Corrector

In high school I had noticed that I have a few dark splotches (no, it's not dirt) on the left side of my face and I've always wanted to get rid of them so hopefully this product can do that. Let me know if you'd like a review of this too!


  1. Sold!! I'm going by CVS on my lunch break :)
    And girl! I was JUST ...JUST reading reviews about that dark spot corrector. Right now I am trying out their BB cream and LOVE IT! One week and very noticeable changes in my face. Writing my review for it now.
    So I have this leopard printed shirt in my are going to make me break it out and start participating in what I'm wearing Wednesday.
    I miss u love!

    1. Yes! Get it! It's wonderful! The pores on my nose are huge and I hated them, but this gets all the dead cells off so my pores aren't clogged and enlarged anymore.

      I'll definitely do a review of the dark spot corrector and maybe some before & after pictures too. Totally going to read your BB cream review too because I might just have to try that out next.

      And you should definitely do some 'What I'm Wearing' posts! I'll be looking forward to it! And I miss you too!!!

  2. ah! i love your leopard print top! so awesome.

    i have been curious about products like this, but i have been really just enjoying my say yes to cucumbers facial cloths!

    1. Cucumber facial cloths? I've never heard of those, are they like the cucumber peels? I might look those up and try them out because I love the tingly fresh feeling/smell that cucumber peels give my face.


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