Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simple Sunday + Party Planning

Hey bloggers! I feel like a crack addict right now because it is 10:45pm right now on Guam and I'm blogging. I don't usually post at all on the weekends, so it is a bit weird for me.

The reason I'm up and on the computer right now is because I'm trying to get all my homework done. I actually just finished my 7 page paper on the gender movements of the 1960's for my social science class (whew!) and now I'm trying to tackle 20 days worth of payroll for my final project in my Payroll Accounting class (yikes).

Anyway, so today was a pretty simple day for us. Spent some time getting some horses done (halfway there!), cleaned the house up a bit, and Joey and I barbecued some steak for lunch while the kids swam in the pool. It was a really relaxing day and we all enjoyed it. It'll probably be the last relaxing weekend we'll have for the rest of the month though due to Chloe's birthday coming up.

So if you didn't already know, my outrageous/funny/candid/diva daughter Chloe will be turning 4 on the 19th of March. This is her last birthday before she starts pre-k in the fall and it'll be her last REAL birthday party until she's 10. She usually has 2 parties every year (spoiled brat), one mini gathering on her actual birthday and then a party party on the weekend immediately after.

With all the double birthdays she's had, she's gone through a lot of different themes. This year, she asked for a Cowgirl party (wtf??). So UNFORTUNATELY the horse ranches here on Guam will NOT bring a horse to our house for the kids to ride (I still don't understand why not since Guam is so small anyway!) so that idea has been scratched.

But not to worry, I'm awesome at party planning so I've got a lot of other ideas to make up for the lack of a horse. I had looked online for party bags and found this:

Now its cute and all, but with the price of those bags (I'll need about 100pcs) and the cost of shipping to Guam, I really wasn't too excited about it. So I've decided to get my own paper bags, print out boot cutouts on cardstock paper, and have the kids decorate it themselves. I'll be setting up a table with crayons, markers, stickers, glitter, etc. for kids to decorate their boots, and then glue them on to their own goody bags. Cool huh? Well, I think so.

And I've already gotten started on the hobby horse idea that I found here:

But I'm sure mine won't look nearly as good or as normally shaped as those.

Now I consider myself to be a pretty good baker, I mean I love to bake and the things that I bake are delicious. But as far as icing is concerned, I definitely need help in that department. But here is something that I'm going to TRY and recreate:

Aren't they adorable!!?? Cactus cupcakes! So cute, but I'm sure it'll be hard work considering the spikes on these babies need to be put on with tweezers (you've GOT to be kidding me) but hopefully Chloe's godmother (who used to work in one of those cool fancy shmancy cake shops) would be willing to take on the task (*crossing fingers*).

And we'll also be setting up a s'more station which ties in to the whole cowgirl/western/home on the range kinda vibe:

Aren't these photos/ideas so awesome?! I'm still thinking of other things to add so if you have a cool cowgirl idea, please let me know! Her party's just 2 weeks away!!!!

And btw, I still haven't gotten the supplies for "So Frikken Crafty #3" yet so just hold tight. I'll get it this week, I promise!


  1. Geez, come throw me a party! My parents have never gone all out on my (or my brother's) birthday parties! Those cupcakes are straight up adorable!
    xo Heather

    1. Lol. It's not so hard to throw a great party. You just have to know what you want! If you research your options well enough and you plan ahead of time, it isn't so bad. I've had these ideas in my head since February so I've set goals for myself to have certain things finished by a certain date before the party.

  2. You seem to be a super-organized party planner with a ton of great ideas! Her birthday is sure to be a beautiful blast!

    1. Thanks so much! Party planning can get extremely stressful at times but in the end it's always worth it!

      Thank you for stopping by my blog and commenting! You can bet I'll be visiting your blog as well!


  3. i love those party bags and little cactii

    1. Thanks for stopping by! And OMG I love your Lemon Breeland post! Gorgeous pieces!

  4. Hi could you please tell me where or how to get those boot cutouts , I'd love them for my daughters birthday

  5. Check for allergies
    On the invitations do ask people to let you know in advance about any allergies, special requirements or extreme fussiness!


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