Friday, March 2, 2012

TGIF + New Page + Blogging 101


So glad this week is over! If today were my payday it'd be more like: FRIDAYYYYYYY!!!!!! WHOOOOOO HOOOO!!!!! OH YEAH!!!!! But, its not. Oh well, can't win em all. It totally sucks because our paydays are on the 5th and 20th of every month. Super lame.

Anyway, so if you take a look at the top there - just below the header - you'll see that I added a new page! Hooray for Blogging 101! Haha. This page will be dedicated to my blogging journey and will have the links to my "Build a Better Blog" and "Blogging Mojo" challenge posts. I personally think its totally awesome because it helps me grow, AND you as a reader can follow along and do the challenges as well. Now of course I won't post the contents of each entire book (because that's plagiarism - I hate trying to spell that word) but I will cover the main topics of the challenges that I do since I'll probably be alternating between the two books. So please take a look at it, and if you have any books/sites/posts that have helped you that you think should be there, please let me know! I'll definitely check it out and may just add it to the page as well!

The "Mojo" challenge for day 3 is to explain your blog as you would to a stranger who just asked what your blog is about. Here's what my explanation is:

Stranger: You have a blog? Cool. What's it about?
Me: Well, its a little bit of everything! I write about my personal style, beauty tips, and fashion trends that I love. I even do a series of craft tutorials twice a month called "So Frikken Crafty", which I just started and LOVE doing. I also write about my personal life, you know, being a mother/gf/student/full-time worker and I've just recently started incorporating home design into my blog since we're renovating our house. AND I hope to open up a little online shop in the near future to share and sell the crafts and other items that I make. You should really check it out! I'd love to get your opinion on it!

The idea here is to sell yourself. Okay, not yourSELF, but your BLOGGING self. If you think your blog is interesting, make it sound interesting so others will be interestED. Simple pimple. Now it's your turn, what's your blog about?


  1. I've actually had to explain my blog to a couple of people already and my response is usually well it's just things I like and umm... you should just go check it out sometime! Yeah. Not a good answer on my part!
    xo Heather

    1. Lol! That's what my response was at first too! But then I realized, if someone said that as their response I'd probably be thinking "Okay then, that sounds pretty boring if they don't even know what its about..."

      Maybe next time you should expand on the "things I like"!

      And PLEASE assess my blog! I love yours and it is pretty awesome how you've gotten that many followers in 2 months so you must be doing something right!

    2. Haha yeah I DEFINITELY need to work on a better response. I've seen a lot of blogging ladies actually make little business cards for their blog, that might be a neat idea rather than me being lame and trying to explain.

      Honestly, I think the new background and header have made a huge difference on your blog! I think the biggest thing is just posting consistently. I set a goal for how many posts I wanted in a week (I started with 4-5 days, but I actually post every day now) I've just liked having weekly features to do, it keeps me focused!


  2. thanks for your comment! I completely agree! :)


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