Monday, April 9, 2012

Makeup Monday #2: See Sheer (A Review)

Hey girl, hey! Welcome to the second installment of Makeup Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend, because I know I did! Well, minus the fact that Chloe was being a complete and total diva all day yesterday (she did not want to hunt for eggs in the sun and kept insisting that they move the eggs in the shade for her to find).

Today I'll be giving you a review of a lipstick I bought last week: MAC See Sheer

So I bought this lipstick last Sunday at the MAC counter in Macy's while the kids and I were enjoying our weekly mall trip. I had been looking for a peach/coral lip color that had a more light, natural look to it so that I could wear it through spring and summer without looking so dramatic or 'done up'.

The MUAs (make-up artists) were all busy with other customers (with only ONE Macy's and ONE MAC counter on island, things can get crazy there sometimes) so I was pretty much left to fend for myself. I had browsed MAC lip colors earlier that day online but when purchasing certain products, especially ones that go on your face, I think its better to see the actual color than to just go by the picture you see online because the actual color can vary greatly.

Anyway, so I picked up a few colors and did a few swatches on my hand and arm (I have an issue with using testers on my actual lips - yuck!). 17 colors later I finally decided on See Sheer. Here's a better picture of the actual color:

This is a perfect color for everyday use. I should know, I've been using it every day since I bought it. As the name states, it can be worn as a more sheer color but it is also buildable (as in you can swipe it more than once on your lips to achieve more color) so it can be used sparingly or heavily depending on your preference.

MAC describes this color as a 'grapefruit pink' but I consider the color to be more of a deep peach/coral color. It is a Lustre finish lipstick so it has a gloss/shine to it, which means it can be worn without lip gloss. The staying power of this lipstick isn't that great, so if you plan on sticking things in your mouth all day (I mean like drinks and food you sickos!) you'll probably need to reapply throughout the day.

Btw, that picture is not me. I haven't had time to take any pictures so I just did a google image search. But I don't like posting swatch pictures so much anyway because people have different skin tones. If you're looking into getting this color for yourself, I would rather you do a google image search of a certain color or shade and see how it looks on others who have a similar skin tone to yours. The best advice I can give you on how to properly find and buy the right shade of anything is to go and do your own field research! What may look good online and in pictures may not turn out the way you expect it to once its on your own face. So go on, spend some time at a makeup counter!

Overall I must say that I absolutely love this lipstick! This is definitely a must have for any makeup lover because it goes well with any kind of look. I would recommend this color to basically everyone, especially those who are skeptical or just getting their feet wet with makeup. It is a perfect color for spring/summer and can be worn lightly during the day and can also be worn as a nighttime look by applying more color.

So what is your favorite lipstick? Do you have germ phobia with testers too? Do you have any makeup/beauty suggestions for me? I'd love to hear from you!

P.S. I'll be posting my Art Journal pages for the last three days tomorrow! I haven't forgotten about it, I've just been too busy this weekend to take pictures, upload, and then post them!


  1. I like that color! I'm not a lipstick fun and I'm certainly uncomfortable using red because it doesn't flatter my morena skin tone. However, I love using my Lancome LS in baby beige because it looks natural :)

    1. Yeah I was never comfortable using red either because I thought it made me look like a geisha! But after a while, I finally caved and sought out the help of a MUA and she helped me to find a good shade of red for my skin tone.

      I usually end up not wearing anything on my lips because by the time I'm done getting ready in the morning and have put on my face and eye makeup, I'm already late so I forget about my lipstick. And sometimes, natural/nude lips are a perfect thing especially if you've got a lot going on with the rest of your outfit.

  2. That colour look very beautiful! :) I used to have a similar colour to that long time ago, with slightly more shimmer in it, it was good, but for an unknown reason never purchased it again...I guess I'm more into lipbalms or lip pencils...

    1. Lol. I usually don't put much on my lips but this color is so perfect with everything, I've been wearing it everyday.

  3. That colour matchs perfect with spring mood! In my case I prefer dark red for everyday, and after trying thousand of different shades I'm finally using Rouge Volupté Perle 113 from Yves Saint Laurent which is really hydratant, and yes, I can't stand testers...I just work in a big Mall and I see people testing the products direct to their lips, and face using the same brushes everyone... I just simply try products on my arm!

    1. Yeah, I use my hand and arm for swatches too, either that or I get the disposable brushes. I've never been too comfortable wearing red, I'm Korean and my skin tone varies so red always makes me feel like a geisha. Lol.

  4. That color looks amazing on you! Im going to have to try it whenever I stop by MAC :)


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