Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Cleaning: Confessions + What I Wore Wednesday

So as stated in last Tuesday's post (here), I've decided to wear my mint sweater for today's outfit post. I've seriously had this sweater since 2006. I bought it at Papaya because I needed work/office clothes so I went on an office wear shopping spree with money my parents sent me.

I think I'll call this my "Mint Oreo & Milk" outfit. Lol.

Makeup: Sephora Collection Shimmering Sunset (Crease), MAC Mythology (Lid), MAC Blacktrack (Liner), Maybelline Falsies Flared (Mascara), MAC Pinch O' Peach (Blush), MAC See Sheer (Lipstick)
Top: Mint Sweater (Papaya), White 50's Inspired Halter (Papaya)
Bottom: Black Stretch Pencil Skirt (Charlotte Russe)
Shoes: Black Pointy-Toe Heels (Wet Seal)

Being true to my sign, I constantly go through different phases and can never seem to really make up my mind about anything. Typical Gemini, never satisfied.

Lately I've been feeling the urge to clean more. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. It's been a good while since I've had a whole lifestyle cleanse. Lol. So in honor of spring I'll be dedicating some posts to, yup you guessed it:


No, no, don't run away just yet! You'll like it, I promise. Okay well maybe I don't promise. But, you will like it. You will. Like it. You. Will. Like. It.

So to kick things off, I'm cleaning out my secrets.

- I have never waxed anything on my body. Ever.
- I hate sharing my snacks with people. Especially my own kids. (Hey, moms need their space too!)
- I don't like to talk much in the car.
- When I buy stuff I shouldn't be buying (more makeup, purses, etc.), I hide it from my bf then pretend I had it for a long time or ordered it a while ago and it just took a long time to ship. (For example, the $100 I just paid on my Scentsy order that came in yesterday - haul below)
- I do not own a cell phone.
- I like to start things that I never finish.
- I have purposely cut myself.
- Pretend I'm not, but totally am a jealous person. Will most definitely start some baby-mama drama if I have to.
- Never been in an actual fight before. At least not with anyone outside of my family.
- I'm a very hairy Asian. Thick, black hair and I hate it. I even have hair on my fingers and big toes. Not very feminine.
- Speaking of toes, mine are long. I tried to wear covered shoes as much as I could because I was always getting teased about my finger-toes.
- I have had an abortion.
- Great at over-analyzing everything!
- My first real kiss happened when I was 13. Right down the street from my house. On the corner. Next to a stop sign and a fire hydrant. I wasn't even allowed to have a boyfriend.
- I have HPV. The cervical cancer kind.
- Patches of my hair will fall out from time to time due to an autoimmune deficiency.
- There was a long period of time that I wasn't speaking to my father. Two years long.
- I have to pick at pimples and scars. Like I HAVE TO. Even if they're not mine. Seriously. If I see a scab on Joey's knee or elbow, I will sit next to him and peel that scab off until he screams. Lol. He hates it.
- I was considered an alcoholic at the age of 18.
- I once went on a date with someone I barely knew (mutual friends). I agreed only because it was free food. I fell asleep on the way home.

So there it is! 20 of my secrets have been cleaned out. I honestly feel a lot better now that I've shared them with you. Now its your turn, what are some secrets you'd like to clean out? I promise I won't judge you for them.

Oh, and as noted above, here's my latest Scentsy haul:


Taro Plug-In

Core Warmer with Loom Wrap


Lush Gardenia (FAVE)

Lucky in Love (Smells like VS Love Spell)

Cerise (April 2012 scent of the month - cherry blossom, fresh plum, soft white blooms, golden vanilla)

Tingelo (Lemon, apricot, tangelo, lychee)

Kahiko Hula (Passionfruit, mango, papaya)

Already Own:

Boleyn Warmer

Have a great Wednesday everyone! Hope you join me in my Spring Cleaning posts!


  1. Aw, these secrets, honestly are pretty huge and I think it really helped you a lot to spill them. I think I'm gonna make a post like this and link it to you. :)


    1. It did help to get them out and I'm excited to see your post!

  2. Woah! Those are pretty big, not sure I would be brave enough to do it aswell.

    I know this is non of my bussiness, but have you taken the freeT3, freeT4 and THS? I ask because I also have problems with my immune system that it has caused me facial Vitiligo (when skin starts to lose pigmetation) and I have been asked by my dermatologist to take those tests among others, and found out I do have a thyroid problem... (I have more of that on my blog)Hair loss and miscarriage are some of the sypmtoms and women are prone to it, some don't even know they have it. Maybe I shouldn't be saying all of this, but those things got my attention.

    If you want to found out more about symptoms of hypothyroidism click here:

    I really hope you're doing well, and take care girlyy, by the way, you look amazing in that outfit! :)

    1. My family actually has a history of auto-immune deficiencies. One of my aunts had a thyroid problem as well and had to have surgery. Another aunt of mine has Lupus, and cancer runs in both my mom and dad's families. I'm double cursed. Lol.

      Thanks though, and I will definitely check that out.

  3. Geez, girly! Way to air your dirty laundry! You've got me thinking though, and I can't even think of any good secrets of mine!

    Ok, only ones I can think of... I'm a very jealous person, I've never gotten in a fight although there are some girls I wouldn't mind beating the crap out of, Lost my virginity at 15 (to Garrett), & have a constant fear of getting pregnant (even though I'm on birth control).
    Aaaanyway, I love your outfit :) As usual.
    xo Heather

    1. Lol. We've all got our secrets, its just a matter of admitting that they are secrets. Haha. And a lot of people thought I lost my virginity when I was younger because I always hung out with a lot of guys, so most girls in high school thought I was a slut. Lol. But in reality, I didn't lose mine until I was almost 18 and almost out of high school already. Like literally a week before graduation. Lol.

    2. Lol had to get it in at the last minute, huh?
      Somehow a lot of kids in school are under the impression Garrett and I don't even kiss (I said it jokingly to someone and it spread like wildfire) so luckily I don't get the "slut" label too often. Hooray :)

    3. LMAO! I literally almost spit out my drink at that first line! It was actually not even supposed to happen, we were all at a bonfire party one night and one of my best guy friends was really upset because of his recent breakup. And when beach bonfires, alcohol, loneliness, and a blanket get thrown together...well, you know.

    4. Lol, oh, after the blanket comes in it's just all down hill. Every time.

  4. Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I love those warmers- they bring such a pleasant glow!


  5. Wow....Duckie ... you're one bold chica. there's something to be said about letting people know who you are...if they know ... and still come back...that's all the better. There are times I'd like to talk about a few things ... but I have to temper my comments sometimes cuz I know my kids and my parents read my blog. Heck I even hate pictures of me and admitting out loud how old I am. Part of me likes the anonymity... maybe I'm afraid no one will be interested if they know I'm over 30...but part of me wishes I could be myself. It took some guts to lay all that out. I'm proud of ya feel better?

    1. I do feel better about getting it all out. And I'm really not bothered by those who may or may not like the secrets that I have - well had since they're not so secret anymore. I think you should just be yourself. It is YOUR blog after all. And I really don't care about your age. Your reinventions are AMAZING and I think that speaks for itself. Plus its actually cool to know that you've got grown kids and you're a blogger. If people shun you for it, let them. They're not the kind of readers you want anyway.

  6. My spring cleaning seems to be endless. I may need another room to house my belongings.

    Your blog is amazing, I'm your newest follower, and I'd love it if you'd follow me back too!



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