Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What I Wore Wednesday Fail + Art Journaling

Yesterday I left work an hour early to attend Joey's company Easter bbq. The kids got to hunt for eggs and we all ate and had a pretty good time. By the time we got home, the kids were all hopped up on sugar and didn't sleep until late last night.

So since the kids kept me awake, I decided to finally watch The Vow. I'm a hopeless romantic and needless to say, I cried throughout the whole movie. I have a tendency to watch romantic movies alone because Joey is definitely NOT romantic. Like at ALL. The last Valentine's gift I got from him was our very first Valentine's day together. He's not spontaneous, doesn't sing, or write, or plan big romantic surprises. That's just not who he is, and I've accepted it.

But sometimes, mostly when I'm alone watching movies and crying, I think 'would it kill him to be a little more romantic?' I'm not saying I want him to fly me to Rome and propose to me, but maybe set up a few candles in the bathroom so I could take a nice long bath after a long day at work. Even just a simple "I love you" card would be nice.

Is it just me? Am I being selfish wanting those things or does everyone secretly wish that their spouses would get a lethal shot from cupid's arrow? And maybe look a little like Channing Tatum?

Anyway, I was so tired from staying up late crying that I woke up late this morning and had to get ready in a rush and I completely forgot that today was Wednesday so I'm totally wearing almost the same outfit as I did a few Wednesdays ago. Sorry!

But luckily, Heather posted a gorgeous outfit that I fell in love with. I'd like to think she posted it especially for me because I obviously am obsessed with asymmetrical hemlines right now! Anyway, I am going to try and piece together this look over the weekend and hopefully will be able to show it off for next Wednesday's post.

Blue, white, lavender and brown. Gorgeous colors together. I think it'd be awesome with a mint top too, and mint is definitely in right now!

And I haven't started yet on my art journal page for today, but I'll post it once I finish it, which will probably be later tonight. The prompt is to create a poster advertising a movie based on your life. Obviously this will take me a while. Lol.


Here it is:


  1. Wanting your mister to look a bit like Channing Tatum is totally reasonable!
    & of course, I posted it special for you! Haha ;)
    Honestly can't WAIT to see how you put together this outfit! I couldn't find a skirt like this when I went shopping last weekend for the life of me :( If you have/find one, tell me where you got it, lady!!
    xo Heather

    1. Lol. If Channing Tatum ever decided to clone himself, I've got first dibs.

      And see, I totally knew it was especially for me. Hahaha! I hope I find that skirt this weekend, if not I might just try to find a white maxi skirt to cut and hem.

    2. That's actually not a bad idea, I didn't even think of just cutting the hem. Duh...
      Maybe I'll just try that :)

  2. I think there's nothing wrong with wanting you guy to be more romantic, you're not the only one! but, giirl! you don't need to wait for your man to do those things for you! I mean, sure it's nice, but maybe you could plan something for the two of us, like piknic for two, or a bath and candles for two, maybe then he's realize how nice it's to have those things,and make them for you... or tell him you'd like to, and even if it doesn't happen, you get to have a nice time with your man :) I've been there too, and did feel the same way but I tried to make the most of it every time, and to be honest i didn't mind planning a few things for us, I still got a few hand made cards for anniversaries, and that was very sweet! xx

    1. Thanks for the advice! Yeah I like to plan things like that but something always comes up so my plans usually get ruined. But maybe I'll try a little harder!

  3. lo you're so funny! My boyfriend isn't super romantic and hates watching romance movies with me but I still make him. you should try doing little sweet things and maybe he'll catch on. Sometimes that's what it takes lol.

    1. Thanks, I'll try it. And if that doesn't work, I'll tape a picture of Channing Tatum on his face. Maybe then he'll get it. Lol.

  4. I always say..comunication is the key! Most boys arent romantic at all, but sometimes you are in your right to ask him to do little things to make you happier, like a special dinner sometimes or filling your room walls with heart shaped post-its LOL. Just let him know and tell him you accept doing something he wants back. He may surprise you! I hope this helps. Have a nice day!


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