Thursday, May 31, 2012

No no no!

I'm so upset right now!  The papers that I worked my ass off over were given a ZERO.  Both of them.  Want to know the reason?

"No more assignments are being accepted after the course end date."

Umm.  Technically the "course end date" was 11:59pm on May 29th.  It shows that my assignment was submitted at 11:51pm.  Does that not count as within the "course end date"?  Because it does to me.  And furthermore, incomplete assignments can be submitted up until June 8th.

I am contesting these grades because I know I deserve better than a ZERO!  Ugh.  Way to put a damper on my birthday week.  Once again, I hate "scients".

Btw, giveaway closes in a few minutes!  I'll be picking the winner tonight and announcing it tomorrow!  Yay!  Good luck to all of you!

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  1. U better fight that girl! I wanted to scream for u! Im sure they'll adjust the grade since u did technically turn it in on time ;) and give u the grade u worked hard for and deserve!

    I know how you feel tho about wanting to scream! Last week when I was deathly ill lol I had to go in to school for a final in one of my computer classes, I felt so horrible and gross. I finished the final as fast as a could and rushed out of there. But while I was there I kept having to leave and go to the bathroom to wash my hands cause I felt gross coughing and using the computer u kno? Well long story short since I was in the rush I didn't catch the part where we needed to discuss three parts of our lab and I only discussed one. ;( Later when I found out I went home and cried cause I could have done it, I was just soo sick! Not to mention I was so mad at myself. Luckily our final was multiple parts and I still passed with a high B in the class!

    1. Lucky you still got a B! If I don't get these scores changed, I'll get an F. :(

  2. Arghhhhh!!! What a nightmare....good luck with contesting the grades honey, I'm sure they'll take back their stupid mistake.

    Got my fingers and toes crossed for you!!

    V x

  3. That sucks so much. Definitely fight it.

    1. It does suck and I'm trying to fight it but they keep giving me the run around. So frustrating!


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