Thursday, June 14, 2012

A couple of things...

So, first off, thank you to all my lovely and patient followers for allowing me that mini blogcation!  You guys are awesome!

And, I just got an email this morning from Jessica, an editor over at Pocket Change (which is part of's blogging network) who gave me their Editor's Pick award!  How awesome is that!?  SUPER awesome if you ask me.

Oh, and my orders from Oasap just came in yesterday so you can bet that I'll be sporting those items in an upcoming post and I'm so excited!  *If you follow me on Instagram (you are following, right?) you may have seen a sneak peek of it already!

Lastly, I do believe I will be opening a Frikken Duckie Facebook account especially for this blog.  I was planning on just reactivating my old one, but that was more for personal use and I want an account especially for this blog.  It should be up and running soon so stay posted and be sure to follow!

♥ Duckie.

By the way, how did you guys like my mash-up tag vlog yesterday?  Thinking about doing more vlogs in the future...


  1. Me likey the vlogs! I have so many recorded but have yet to publish them lol. I'm such a slacker! HAHAHA.
    Congrats on the editor's pick!!!

  2. Congrates My Love!! How exciting!! Love your blog to pieces!!



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