Wednesday, June 6, 2012


So I'm linking up today with my girl Nessa over at Isle Style Living for "My Top 10".  And obviously - if you couldn't already tell from my title - I'm pretty irritated today and in a grumpy mood so I'm not really going to go too much into detail about my list.  So the top ten thoughts going through my head right now are being posted for the whole wide web to see.  Yeah, that includes you too.

1.  Due to the circumstances, I BETTER get a raise soon.  I'm not trying to hate and I know that's not my department, but where's the employee loyalty?  Why would you hire someone with Zer0 experience in the field and pay them more than your employees who have been working for years? *if it is already apparent to you, this is the reason why I am so irritated right now!

2.  Why can't my Trace-face stay small?  I still cannot believe that my son turned 3 yesterday (okay, his ACTUAL birthday is today since he was born in Hawaii).  I want him to be a baby again...when he wasn't such a rascal.

3.  Iyaz spotted.  Went to lunch at Agana Shopping Center and a crowd of groupies were standing in a line to get autographs and pictures.  Good thing Chloe wasn't around because I'm sure she'd want me to stand in that line with her.

4.  I love my boyfriend.  He bought me the cutest dress yesterday, which of course I'm wearing today. ----->

5.  Fashion double.  Girl in the Iyaz line was wearing the exact same dress as me.  Thankfully I can confidently say I wear it better.  Homegirl apparently does not own a strapless bra because her straps were showing.

6.  Going green?  Seriously?  Joey just spent $$$ on some protein crap to build muscle mass and whatnot.  Maybe he's been watching too much of the Avengers since he's now trying to become the Hulk.

7.  Oh sugarnuts!  That is the new expression Chloe uses when she gets frustrated.  I have no idea where she came up with that one...she's a weird one.

8.  BINGO!  Debating whether or not to go play bingo with the girls in the office tonight.  Maybe I'll get lucky.  Or maybe I'll get bored.

9.  Woah, woah, wait a minute Mr. Postman...  Got a call from the mailman today saying that I had to sign for something.  I didn't know that mailmen made calls but apparently my number was on the package.  I'm assuming that its my Oasap orders so I'm excited!

10.  School can suck it.  Still trying to fight those ZEROs that I got on my last two assignments but they've already scheduled me to retake that stupid class again this term.  Needless to say I submitted ALL the assignments for the rest of the course already.  And the class just started 11 minutes ago.  Take that b*tches!

And once again, happy 3rd birthday to my son, Trace aka Traceface aka Lobster aka Chum Chum aka Traceratops aka Snake boy.

♥ Duckie.


  1. Happy Birthday Trace!!

    I hope your day turns around. Your boyfriend did great with the dress, super cute.

    I'll be sure to check in with you on Friday to share my body rock results!


  2. Oh sweet Trace!! He's so adorable. So I have a dress that kinda looks like that too ;-)
    I think you need to post more pictures of the beach and I can live vicariously through you. I miss the pacific!

    1. Haha. I definitely will post more pictures of the ocean for you!

  3. I really think you have such a lovely family! Your children are as good looking as you and your husband! And Happy bday to Trace! I also love children when they're little and can't be that "naughty". Haha. But we can't help it, eventually, they'll grow even taller than you.

    1. Thank you! I wish he would just stay small forever! Lol.

  4. cute baby :)

    thanks for the follow, following you back now :)


  5. Your title made me smile... Haven't heard "IRRAZ" in a long time haha.

    So sorry you are irritated! I can totally relate- I haven't had a raise in 2 years. But I work for a non-profit so it's kinda expected.

    And I must say your family is so beautiful! I love all the funny faces. Hau'oli la hanau, Trace!

    PS- I'm totally stealing that "Oh, sugarnuts!" line... love it!

    Thanks for linking up!

    1. Thank you! I'm sure Chloe would love it if I told her that she started the "Oh sugarnuts" trend. Lol. And she always tells people "your face is irraz" whenever she's irritated. Lol.

  6. I love this and I think I need to link up too!!! OMG I will never get my hours into work if I keep blogging. lol... I mentioned you in my post today. Hope you are having a beautiful day!!!

    1. Thank you for mentioning me! And you should totally link up!

  7. Aw Chuck E Cheese's! I used to love that place :)
    BTW love the dress pattern! Very tribal. :D

    1. Thanks, I was actually surprised that Joey picked it out for me!


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