Monday, June 4, 2012


Makeup Monday post will be a little late today.  I had an appointment this morning at 9am and literally stood (in heels) around waiting until they finally called me in at 11:00am.  I kid you not.

2 freaking hours of waiting.  In heels.  With kids screaming around me.  Waiting to be called.  AND once I got out I checked the time:  11:07am.

Yup, I waited for over 2 hours (I got there around 8:30am so that I'd be early) for a 7 minute appointment.

So I'll be posting Makeup Monday when I get home because I've got a buttload of work that piled up on my desk while I was at that stupid appointment.

Check back later for today's Makeup Monday post!  (Psst...its a tag post.)


  1. I hate when this happens. Soooo angering.

  2. I've been there too! Big hug! :) xx


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