Friday, July 13, 2012

Fitness Friday: Diet, shmiet.

I know.  Trust me, I KNOW.  You skimmed past this post when you saw the word "Diet", right?  But now you have nothing else to read so you came back.  Thank you.

If you know me, and I like to think you do, I hate diets.  Wait, let me stress that more:  I HATE DIETS.

I can't do diets.  I don't have the willpower to do them.  They just suck.  Period.

Don't get me wrong, I can do some major damage at Sizzler's Salad Bar (which they don't have here on Guam and I miss), but girrrrrrl, you know I'm ordering that steak and lobster too!  I think the only diet I've really tried and stuck with for a while was the South Beach Diet.  Any diet with meat is a good diet to me.

That being said, I stumbled upon a pretty cool diet that I'm planning on trying (maybe next month?) that I thought would be awesome to share with you all.  

So, I found out about this diet from Tiffany over at {{blabbering thoughts}} who found it from another blog called Justin & Ashley Refresh.

Basically all you eat for one week is fruits, veggies, and some chicken.  That's it.  All day.  For 7 whole days.  That's 168 hours of dieting.  Okay, if you aren't scared yet, here's a breakdown of the days:

Ya see?  You thought when I said "fruits, veggies, and some chicken" I meant each day, right?  Booyah!  If you need to take a moment to change the pants you just crapped in, go ahead, I'll wait.

You good?  Great.

Now I know I just said I hate diets, but 10+ lbs?  In one frikken week?  That's frikken amazing!  The fact that the bloggers who have done this masochistic thing actually did lose that much weight is motivation enough for me to give it a go!  But, you know, not right away.

I'm planning to try this in a couple weeks, maybe the 22nd or the 29th so please feel free to jump in and join me so I'm not alone.  And so that we can show off our skinnier selves to each other!

On another note, I started taking Sensa this week.  Okay, that's not a whole truth.  I've used it twice.  The first time I sprinkled some in my yogurt in the morning.  Then I scarfed down dinner that night without it because I forgot.  Then I sprinkled some in my food last night - after I was already halfway finished.

As you can see, its not going so well.  I'm not one of those people who remember things well.  Case in point: that time I forgot my age on my birthday.

Anyway, you know the drill:  copy, paste to your blog, fill in your own answers, and come back and linky dinky up!

This week I attempted to start Sensa.  Oh, we also went on a family walk last night.

The hardest part was remembering to use it.

My greatest accomplishment this week was not eating as much since I haven't had time to take lunch all week.

Okay, I felt guilty because I had some cake yesterday, but what kind of person would I be if I passed down a free cake?  It was a free sample cake, the ones they use to show you what the real deal cake will look/taste like, and it was delicious!

Next week I'm gonna try to remember to sprinkle Sensa on everything and work harder at working out.

Peace easy lemon squeezy!

♥ Duckie.


  1. I found this post very interesting for the summer!! I am already following you, thank you for accepting the follow for follow petiition!

  2. Hey cool. Maybe I could actually do this "diet."

  3. I hate diets, too!

    I much rather take a balanced eating approach. That being said, I'm not trying to lose weight right now. Usually when I'm trying to drop the pounds I stick to a meal plan that reflects hefty servings of veggies and fill my plate with meat and healthy carbs.

    And I must be honest with you. Because I feel like you're my girl. And in real life I'd tell it to you straight.

    This seems like a gimmick. Sure you may lose 10 pounds in a week but it's not because of this diet; instead it's because of a drastic cut in calories. What happens after that week? Do you repeat this? Is this something you can keep up long term?

    I'm proud of you for wanting to be healthy- Lord knows I also have {major} poundage to lose. But for me? This isn't something I'd want to attempt.

    Just some food for thought =)

  4. Hi there! I loved this post, I will definitely try this, and I am pinning this now!

    Your newest follower Ashton from:

  5. I've also to try!! ps: I follow you too :D


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