Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Makeup Monday: Everyday Color Series

So its already Tuesday right now.  12:06 a.m. to be exact.

I had actually written a post earlier today about how I've been lacking inspiration for my posts lately and how I've been unsatisfied with the posts I have been able to write.  It went a little something like this:

"Blah blah blah...I haven't felt inspired lately...blah blah blah...Feel sorry for me because I'm really awesome but I'm just not satisfied with my blog right now....blah blah blah....I'm just going to post some crap I have saved on my Pinterest boards in an effort to get inspired...blah blah blah....the end."

And somewhere in that whiny post I mentioned how I had done a tutorial but didn't know how to convert or edit it.  Then I read a post that my brother wrote on his blog about Why there's no such thing as an aspiring entrepreneur and my mindset changed.  I kept that whiny half-ass post as draft and did some research (also known as Google) on how to convert my video file format and also learned a few basic editing tricks along the way.

So here it is, filmed, converted, and edited just for you lovely readers who stick with me during my rants and whines.

*****Okay so I just realized that my madd editing skills aren't all that great since I somehow used still images in the middle of the video instead of the actual video.  I'll try and fix it later tonight, sorry!*****

This "look" was actually requested by my one and only twin, Keena, who asked that I do a look that incorporates purple.  Most people think of purple as a strong, bold color and would never think to wear purple eyeshadow to work.  But by softening the bold purple with a light pink shade, you can easily werrrrk that purple at work!

I'm a huge fan of colorful makeup and this tutorial is just the first of a series I'm starting, Everyday Color.  In this series I plan to show you how you can wear colorful makeup for your everyday look and add some WOW to your work day!

Please comment below and tell me what you think!  And if you have any requests for upcoming posts, I'd love to hear them!

♥ Duckie.

Oh, and please don't mind my hair in the video!  It was just washed and not even brushed yet!  Yikes...


  1. Cool tutorial. I love using purples, because of my brown eyes. It just makes them pop!

    OMG, I love Pink Swoon blush. It's my HG blush. I just find it to look so perfect every time i put it on.

    Good job on pushing yourself to do something. I feel like that a lot lately. Usually, I blog everyday, but since summer is here, I haven't blogged everyday....not even every other day. It's quite sad. But I feel the same way as you do. Just simply not motivated. I don't know how to get over this hump.

    1. I love purple. It's so classy and mysterious. I always thought my eyes were just dark brown but apparently they turn hazel sometimes, which is something that I just found out about myself over the weekend. Lol.

      Pink Swoon is awesome. I actually fell in love with it after I "borrowed" it from my grandma. No joke, that old lady had maddd style. Lol.

      And yeah, everyone's got that blog bug lately. Just take some time and find inspiration and get those creative juices flowing! Hopefully I can keep this motivated train going so I don't lose my blogging mojo again. Lol.

  2. Great tutorial! :) I pre write posts a lot when I have an inspiration-strike! :)

    Happy Monday!
    Classic Glam Blog xxox

    1. I have some draft posts saved, but I wasn't really satisfied by them. I think I just need a "me" day to wander around and get some inspiration.

  3. i always love makeup tutorials - i can do things, but i have trouble thinking of new things to do! great post1

    <3 katherine
    crave jewelry giveaway // of corgis and cocktails

    1. I'm always on the lookout for new tutorials and ideas for makeup. It's fun to see what wild and crazy looks that other people have put together.

  4. I really enjoyed the video! Love the look. :) I need to be inspired too! lol.... "blah, blah, blah"


    1. Thank you! I tried. Lol. Hope you get your inspiration soon!!!


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