Wednesday, August 8, 2012

When life gives you crap...

make Craponade!

I know I've been a horrible blogger lately.  I haven't posted since last Thursday and I also haven't been keeping up with reading everyone's blogs either.  I'm sorry for that, I really am.

I was still in that blogging funk and then this week has just been...well, pretty horrible.  I'm not gonna go into detail about it but I will say this:

I am now a full time blogger.

My "real life" job doesn't exist anymore.  At first I was upset, but then I realized - this means that I can start fresh.  I've been wanting to change careers for a while now and I've even mentioned it to you guys before so maybe this recent unemployment is a sign.

And this is kind of a good thing for you guys too because I have more time to blog, vlog, and read your blogs too so expect a lot more action from this little duck soon!

Oh, and here are some pictures from our little beach outing yesterday.  I haven't been in the ocean for a while so yesterday was pure bliss for me.

Goofing around on a weekend drive.

Waiting for our food at Denny's a.k.a. Chloe's favorite restaurant.

Chloe decided that shopping for Aniyah's shoes at Vans was the perfect photo opp.  She moved the shoes around and posed then said "Mom, take my picture!"  I entertained her and took the first photo.  Then after looking at the picture she said, "Moommmm!  You didn't zoom enough!  Take it again."  You see what I have to deal with?  Diva status.

And hey, I've got an interview Monday for Macy's cosmetics department so wish me luck!

♥ Duckie.


  1. I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you I love you!
    I hope that makes you feel better ;)
    You've got quite the little diva on your hands. She must take after her mama!

  2. Beautiful beach! So you are gonna enter the beauty industry now, very exciting! I look forward to your incoming great posts! =3

  3. So sorry about your job, but yes, it's true! A fresh start to something new, that you may love 100 times better. Good luck on the interview! Sorry I've been so absent lately, but thank you for continuing to visit my space and comment. Your blog is doing so well, and you deserve it!

    Lots of love!

  4. Oh Twin, so sorry to hear about the recent change. I hope you do get what you want in life, you sure deserve it.


    1. you know what else works when your in a funk? insanity!


  5. Sorry to hear about yor job but looks like you have it all worked out! Best of luck!

  6. Best of luck with all of the changes going on in your professional life!

  7. Best of luck as a full time blogger!

  8. I'm sorry to hear that, but I agree, this is a great opportunity to start fresh and focus on YOU. You'll find something even more awesome. Good luck girl!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  9. hey my love!!! i have missed u!!!
    Here's to you blogging full time. I think I am going to be unemployed soon too LOL...all by choice.
    Miss ur face

  10. Congrats on your new job as a blogger! I think you have the perfect outlook on your job loss.

    Don't worry, I haven't been blogging at all lately. Just been lazy and concentrating on other things in my life. It's good to see you back again.

  11. The pictures n the beach are so beautiful!

  12. Change is hard at first but always ends up being a good thing - being made redundant from my last job was the best thing that could have happened to me!

    Vanessa x


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