Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fitness Friday: Fun 15 Minute Exercises for Mom

 Hey there, hi there, ho there!

Okay, so I'm still not blogging full-time yet.  But I'm trying!

This weekend I'll be planning future posts and will hopefully have a tutorial for you on Monday (no promises, okay?).

Anyway, life has been hard lately.  I think the stress of losing a job and having no income is really taking its toll on me.  It feels as if a whole bunch of other stuff has been going wrong for me lately too.

When it rains it pours, right?

I'm still trying to keep a positive attitude but its kind of exhausting, you know?  And being home all day with Joey is driving me nuts.  Don't get me wrong, I love him - but spending every waking moment with him for the past month? - not exactly helping our relationship.

Let's just say we get along better when we don't see each other all day long.  You get it right?

Anyway, so I've been looking for that boost to get me back into fitness mode and thankfully the wonderful Roxanne has a great post for that:

Fun 15 Minute Exercises for Mom

If you're a mother with young children, you probably struggle to accomplish some of the most basic daily tasks, including chores around the house. You may also find it difficult to squeeze in a long and meaningful exercise session every single day. However, even 15 minutes of exercise can give you a good boost to your physical fitness and health. Try a few of these suggestions for your next workout.

1. Exercise Videos – When your child is taking a nap, pull out your favorite exercise video and get in a quick workout. You can also exercise before your child wakes up in the morning. Even if your child is awake, she might enjoy playing along with your exercise video.

2. Take the Stroller – If your child isn't a fan of long walks, you can still go outside for a few minutes each day together. If you want to maximize your outdoor time, take a run around your neighborhood with the stroller instead of walking. Running burns calories far more quickly than walking. Just make sure you have a stroller that can handle the bumpy motion of running.

3. Break it Up – If you want to exercise for longer than 15 minutes each day, break up a long workout session into several smaller ones. This gives you the freedom to sneak in a short workout during your child's nap or when he's occupied with a toy. During these workouts, you can do a number of different exercises at home, including running on a treadmill or riding an indoor bicycle.

4. Try Yoga – Yoga is a gentle exercise that doesn't require as much warm up and preparation time that other intense workouts need. Additionally, you don't need any fancy equipment or even good shoes to do a yoga session. All you need is a small amount of floor space and 15 minutes to accomplish a solid yoga workout. Not only does yoga help your physical health, it can also help you relax your mind.

5. Play a Game – Once your children leave the baby phase and grow into toddlers, they will begin to enjoy more physical activities. You can get an incredible workout just from playing with your young children. Any physical activity will suffice, from playing tag to dancing around to music. Playing with your children will give you a fun workout, and your children will have a great time too.

Getting enough exercise may seem daunting to you, especially if you've just become a mother. However, you don't have to let go of your fitness and health goals when you have children. Taking a sensible and creative approach to exercise will help you stay fit, even with your busy lifestyle.

Author Bio:
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Alright, you know the drill, copy + paste, fill in your answers and link back to us!
  This week I sweat my butt off by cleaning the house, doing laundry, doing the yard, running around and playing with the kids and also went walking.

The hardest part was resisting the urge to take a long nap.

My greatest accomplishment this week was I actually got my butt off the couch.

Okay, I felt guilty because I bought a pack of red velvet whoopie pies and have eaten more than enough of my fair share.

Next week I'm gonna try to go running in the mornings after the girls go to school.

♥ Duckie.


  1. well aloha. Wait ... that's not right is it.... I know what you mean . My hubs and I are home all day together. Thank the Lord he likes to golf. Some people complain that golf takes too many hours to play ... I say thank the maker. Play everyday. Right now he's with his high school girls tennis team at an out of time tourny. I wouldve liked to go...but I like being at home all by myself for a few days even more. Any job prospects? What's your husband do? You probably told me...but well, I'm senile. Hey your blog has changed again. I've been looking and looking at a gazillion blogs and cant see what I want.

    I want a water color wash across the top somehow. Kind of artsy fartsy but not too busy. Did you do your own. It's really nice. Hey cohosting with for Tuesday 10.

    Never cohosted before...but she was asking on Twitter and I said yes to the dress. Oops wrong show. Anyway I hope she tells me what i gotta do. I'll try and turn down the SASS.

    Give me a holler from the island. Hope you get some good news really soon.

  2. jess! wth! add me on facebook or something lets have lunch! grrr! k? or just shoot me an email back

  3. So hey...I filled out the linky last week but its not showing me

  4. I love your fitness Friday, especially now that I work for a fitness place! I am definitely going to have to remember this and try to join in next week :D I love the fun exercises you listed!

  5. Love this post, I'm right there with you on not having a job stress. This post also reminded me to get on the yoga train so thanks for that <3

    Ashton from:

  6. Hope you're doing okay these days! And I hope you can make it as a full time blogger! You're so good at it. I hope you keep up the fitness fridays because now that I am not pregnant I need to get my pre-baby body back!

    I get it. My husband and I started carpooling to work together and having lunch together a year ago when he changed jobs, because is office was close to mine and our hours were the same. So we were suddenly together all the time. It's true what they say: absence makes the heart grow fonder. ;)

  7. Exercising together is a great way for mom and baby to bond. When baby and mom exercise together, both mom and baby are busy, therefore baby is not left out of the equation, demanding attention. Thanks.

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