Sunday, November 11, 2012

Aren't you PLAID it's winter?

Winter is one of my favorite seasons because the weather is colder and it forces you to layer on your clothes to stay nice and warm.

There have been so many different fashion trends this year but a timeless classic for winter is plaid.

Worn the wrong way, plaid items can either make you look like (a) a lumberjack or (b) a prep school dropout.

Here are a few plaid-tastic outfits I put together for you that combine a classic trend like plaid, with a few of the other trends that have popped up this year.

1.  Peplum was huge this year!  Pair a wine colored peplum top with a chocolate plaid skirt and you're set for the office!

2.  Wolf print was also pretty popular this year and I'm a huge fan of pairing a baggy sweater with a pair of mini shorts.  These shorts are absolutely GORGEOUS by the way - would be great as a gift for some awesome blogger who lives in a humid all year round kind of climate...(hint, hint).

3.  When in doubt, go the easy way out!  You can always rock plaid in small doses and still get awesome style points.  I'm a huge fan of this bag!

4.  Another huge trend this year has been the coated pant.  I am currently looking for the perfect pair here on island (pants are tricky to order online) and have yet to find it.  Pair your coated pants with a funky plaid sweater and you've got a warm yet edgy look.

5.  Oh how I love me some coats!  Sadly, if I were to wear a coat here on Guam, people might think I'm hiding a bomb or something underneath it.  A simple sweater dress under a plaid coat is an amazingly simple and elegant way to rock this trend.

So how about you?  Do you dare to go plaid this winter?  Let me know what you think of this trend by commenting below!

♥ Duckie.


  1. I'm so in love with 2 & 5! I'm extra happy to see you blogging again, pretty lady!
    xo Heather
    P.S. You definitely don't need to add dresses to the mix, really! But uh, as a broke college student... if you insist, I wear I small ;D

  2. I wish it was colder here, so I can wear all these cute thing.

  3. I love your picks. The sweaters all look so cool. I totally want them in my closet!

  4. i dont like patterns much...:(. but i love it when i see someone wear it and that can pull it off the look!


  5. I need to bust out my plaid top! :)

  6. Love this collection - great picks! I love plaid shirts, they're always so comfy and cute. I just discovered your blog through the hop, I'm now following on GFC and look forward to reading more!

    Lauren @


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