Friday, December 28, 2012

Thursday Thoughts: Christmas Hangover

You know that feeling you get after Christmas when all the excitement has passed and you're so drained from all the hustle and bustle of the season?  When you look around the house and see all the mess from Christmas that needs to be cleaned but you're not in the mood to clean - ever?  When all you've eaten for breakfast, lunch, and dinner is the leftover pastries from Christmas and you have to wash it down with that carton of eggnog before it goes bad?

That, my friends, is what I like to call the Christmas Hangover.

I'm sure we've all felt it at some point or another in varying degrees.

I think the Christmas Hangover is even worse now that I'm a SAHM (stay-at-home-mom).  Why?  Because I'm not obligated to shower everyday or even put on pants or a bra like you working folk.

So I'm at home all day, eating all the leftovers and treats from Christmas, trying to stay sane while putting together all these different toy sets and wondering why on earth I decided to buy these things.  And to top it all off, I have the pleasure of listening to the sweet sounds of children screaming and fighting over the toys too.  Yay me.

What about you?  Have you ever had Christmas Hangover?  Are you still feeling it now?

♥ Duckie.

P.S.  Obviously I didn't get around to posting this yesterday which is more proof of my Christmas Hangover.

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  1. Omgosh, yes! I have been feeling that way for the past 2 days! And I totally ate the last piece of my grandmother's holiday applesauce cake for breakfast this morning, lol! ;)
    It is always a little sad when Christmas day is over. It feels like the magic has been whisked out of the house. :/


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