Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tuesday Takeover: Gifts for Guys [from a Guy's perspective]

Is it really Tuesday already??


Sorry about not posting yesterday, if you follow me on Instagram (@frikkenduckie), you'd know that I took a trip to the doctor yesterday.

No, it wasn't for me.  It was for Aniyah.  My poor girl got stung by a wasp over the weekend and she seemed fine, then all of a sudden she woke up yesterday morning with her whole wrist swollen!  Thankfully she's fine - it swelled because she kept scratching it - and she's back to normal sized hands.

Anyway, so today I've got a special Holiday themed guest post for you ladies!

I don't know about you, but I always have a hard time buying gifts for Joey, my brothers, dad, etc.  Guys in my family are tough to buy for.

Thankfully, my good friend Jack has come to the rescue!  He's giving us a guy's perspective on gifting!



10 Christmas Gift Ideas For the Guy In Your Life

Christmas is just around the corner and it’s time to starting thinking of what to get your special man in your life. Sometimes that guy can be pretty hard to buy for, so here are ten different gift ideas to consider: 

Home Brew Kit: A home brew kit can be found online or locally at a special beer and spirits store. Home brew kits can come in either wine or beer form. This is a fun idea for the craft beer and wine lover in your life. Don’t worry about it taking up space or time. You mix it, let it sit for a few weeks and then bottle it. It will be a fun and new hobby he can take up.

Alcohol club: There are different wine and beer vendors that offer memberships for their products. Sign him up for a wine or beer club that he would love. That means each month a beer or wine is delivered to his home to try. It’s the gift that keeps giving based on the amount of time you choose. 

Sports tickets: There are plenty of inexpensive tickets to their favorite sporting events in your city. Get him tickets to a home game, he can either take you or if you are a super awesome mate, he can take his best friend. Make it fun and add a parking package and some cash for beers and hotdogs. 

Sport lessons: Whether your man is into golf or boxing, there are different classes they can take to try it out. These can be found at local gyms and cost a pretty penny. Shop around and find the best deal. 

Grill Needs: If you man loves a good steak, get him the tools he needs to make it the perfect grilling experience. Thermometers, yummy rubs, utensils and grill covers are abundant and can be inexpensive. Throw in some really good steaks and watch him light up!

Cooking lessons: Do you notice your partner hovering over you while you cook and asking questions or volunteering to help? Does he have input on your dishes? Get this man lessons and fast. These are all signs that he is into cooking. Cooking classes are fun and can do as couples! 

Sunglasses: Sunglasses are a good gift because no male wants to spend money on a good pair of sunglasses. Find them a sturdy and stylish pair of sunglasses that they will love. 

Watch: Every man needs a good watch. Chances are he already has one but its dated and old, find a versatile watch that is built to last. 

Toys: Gadgets and gizmos are the way to any man’s heart. Toy helicopters, backyard games and video games are always a huge hit with men. Find their inner child by giving them the gift they will love. 

Coupon book: This is a great idea, especially if you are on a strict budget. Create a coupon book using construction paper and markers that is full of little surprises. Think of little ideas that he would love, free back rub, dinner on me, beer pass etc. 

Author Bio:
Jack Meyer is a freelance writer and regular contributor at www.nannybackgroundcheck.com/. He has a passion for various subjects like education, career and technology, Parenting etc.  If you have any questions email Jack at jackmeyers08@gmail.com.


Okay, I don't know about you gals, but I'm completely loving this gift guide!

Some of these things, I would have never thought of!  A brewing kit?  Never even crossed my mind, but how cool would that be?!

I love the Alcohol Club idea.  Kinda like the beauty box that some of us ladies subscribe to - but with alcohol!  Maybe I should sign myself up for that....

♥ Duckie.


  1. Okay the home brew kit sounds hella fun!!

    Hahahaha the second I read alcohol club I was thinkin ummm I need to sign myself up for that bad boy!! We can post boozy reviews :p


  2. Haha my dad would absolutely love the home brew kit, but the cooking lessons would be for me because I'm not that great at cooking (except desserts!) xx

    Almost Delightful

  3. Thanks for this wonderful idea. My husband had early christmas toys,lol.... a something to read, to email, ect....

  4. what a perfect gift guide!


  5. Aww perfect gift guide! I love this so much as I always hate buying gifts for guys!
    Followed you, sis!


  6. I'm already a follower of your lovely blog - just stopping by from the Aloha Affair blog hop.

  7. i feel like i have been to your blog before, but if not now i am and a follower =) i love your guy list! perfect. sports ticks would be great if i had that kind of money... but my hubs always loves gift cards to his fave coffee shop =) hope you can stop by and say hello!

  8. New follower from the Aloha Affair blog hop. Just wanted to say hi. Check out my blog sometimes if you want.


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