Saturday, January 12, 2013

Fitness Friday: Show Me Your Goals

Oh, hey girl, hey!

Welcome to the second Fitness Friday of 2013!

Have you been keeping on track with your fitness goals and resolutions so far?

I hope you got some inspiration and motivation from Nicole's post last week like I did!

It's still early in the year so don't stress if you haven't got the whole fitness thing down yet. Like Nicole said, start off with planning what you want to gain (or lose) from your fitness journey this year and write it down.

Here's a list of my fitness goals for this year:

>> Run - I've never been a huge runner but there are so many benefits to running and I'd like to be able to join a 5k or something during the year without embarrassing myself.

>> Drink More Water - Baby steps...I'm not about to swear off junk food just yet but drinking water will clean out my system a lot faster and fill me up so I shove less junk down my throat!

>> Get Active - Those who know me will tell you that I am in no way a gym rat or workout guru! I know just by watching those infomercials that I'll probably never fall into the P90x or Insanity routines. That just isn't me. I do like going for walks, hiking, jumping on the trampoline, Zumba, dancing, and water sports so doing the things I love more often will help me accomplish this goal and maybe motivate me to take on other things!

>> Don't Quit - This should be on everyone's list! Sticking to your goals throughout the year is tough, I know. But the best way to stay motivated is to find a support system, which Is what Nicole and I are here for!

Now its your turn! Did you finish your fitness goal list yet?
1. My fitness goals for this year are:_________________________________________.

2. I know I can accomplish this by:___________________________________________.

3. I'll keep myself motivated by:_____________________________________________.

4. The toughest goal on my list is:___________________________________________.

5. My motto this year is:__________________________________________________.

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♥ Duckie.


  1. Hi Hi!

    love you long time, thanks for the motivation!


  2. i was never a runner either until i realized that you have to *learn* how to run properly! i thought that runners just laced up and ran the whole 5/10/million K but that's not how it goes... they build their endurance by running for X mins, walking for X seconds and then slowly increasing their run duration while decreasing their walk frequency. whoda thunk!?

    so, i started out with the couch to 5K program (free app for your phone) and totally awesome. it tells you exactly when to run or walk and the cues play over your music so no fumbling around with the buttons! i ran my first 5K (whereas before, i couldn't even run 1K) after 2wks and it was awesome :)

    i'm with you on the water. i bought a huge 24oz bottle and aimed to fill it 3x/day. it makes a huge difference when you drink the amount of water you're supposed to -- i found that my skin is better (less dry) and i'm less bloated before/during my period too.

  3. don't comment...AMEN!

    i just found your inspiring little site and there is so much adorable stuff i just don't know what to look at first!

    i just joined your site and hope you stop and join mine too so we can stay in touch!

  4. Love this post! I recently made some goals for myself this year, hopefully I'll stick to them and realise there is no rush! x

  5. This is really inspiring and a healthy way to look at fitness.
    Water is always a good idea & being active without forcing yourself to go to the gym is probz the better option because that way you are doing it for fun & not because you feel you have to!
    I wish I had the same outlook haha.



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