Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Takeover Tuesday: Change It Up

So I've been wanting to change my look (yes, again) lately but I'm not sure on how to go about doing it.  All I know is that I'm bored with myself and need to do something about it!

Thankfully, my girl Zara had a few tips to share with me:

Tips to Get a Dramatic Change in Your Appearance

Have you ever looked in the mirror, and wished you dint look like you did? We would not like to accept it, but each of us has, at least once. So for those of you’ll who have been planning that ‘new-year look’ for the past couple of years, or have been pondering over that makeover for quite a long time now, it’s about time. That time is NOW.

Remember, there’s nothing better than gorgeous hair. So go ahead and experiment. Cut your hair short and if it already is, you could get bangs. Try highlights or streaks of a colour that you never thought you would. Straighten, curl and crimp your hair. For hair that lacks shine, here is a weird but effective tip, dab your hair with beer. 

Makeup is known to transform your appearance within a matter of minutes! Focus on the following aspects:
Eyes – This is the most prominent part of the face. Eye make-up can make a world of a difference! Use mascara to make your eyelashes look longer. Line your eyes with kohl and your eyelids with some eyeliner. You can experiment with different colours or sparkle. But, don’t overdo this.
Lips – Always make sure to keep your lips well moisturised. Chapped lips are a huge turn-off. For those who want the perfect pout, use a plumping lip balm. Red lipstick is another win-win.
Skin – Follow the routine: Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, and Moisturise. For a dramatic look, you may use bronzer or blush. 

Dress in accordance to the season or occasion. You don’t want to wear that gorgeous sweater in the midst of March. Keep up with the latest trends and try to incorporate them into your wardrobe. Choose colours and patterns that best compliment your complexion.

You are as good as the shoes you wear! Remember your footwear can make or break your entire attire. So keep a whole range of them available at all times. Flip flops, sandals, stilettoes, sneakers or pumps, you got to have one of each kind! 

Accessories can make old outfits look new, if worn wisely. They may range from leather clutches, statement neckpieces, cocktail rings, signature handbags or elegant earrings. They are cost effective must-haves because they can be worn with innumerable outfits in different styles. 

Although a more long term tip, it is the most effective. Working out not only shapes the body but also leads to a healthy glow in the face. It ensures fitness. So join the gym or yoga class and trust me, the end result will be worth the wait!

Cosmetic surgery:
For those who aren’t willing to wait and want instant results, this is a good idea. With the drastic developments being made in the field of cosmetology, surgery of any kind is an investment you won’t regret.

About the Author:

This guest post is contributed by Zara,financial guest blogger. At present she is focusing on  PPI Claims
 . Catch her @financeport

Now I don't know about you, but I've got some good ideas now on what to do with my boring old self. Maybe a haircut and a little color?  Maybe a little shoe shopping?  Maybe a little of all of the above?  Lol.

Don't forget to come back later for "What I Wore Wednesday"!!

♥ Duckie.


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