Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thursday Thoughts: The Business of Blogging

Most of you may already know that I've been spending the better part of this month trying to focus on this little blog more.  I've been reading, researching, and subsequently thinking about what I'm trying to get out of this whole blogging adventure.

When I first started this blog (you can check the archives for this) it was a way for me to record and document my life.  That lasted for about 2 posts (that were over a year apart) until it changed into a way for my sister and I to share photos of our daily outfits with each other without having everyone and their mother looking at it on Facebook.  (And if your mother is on Facebook, please ask her to "Like" my
Since then, this little blogging light of mine went on to shine, shine shine!  I've gained so many wonderful friends and supporters through blogging and have grown so much as a person from writing and reading all the wonderful posts out there in blogland...but I still feel that there is more out there for me.  Yes, we Geminis are never satisfied.

That leads me to the point of this post:

  What do I want out of my blog?

Well, I want everything.  I want to earn a good amount of income through blogging, to be my own boss, to travel, to be taken seriously.  I want to be an inspiration for people.  I want to open a boutique and sponsor other bloggers.  I want Frikken Duckie to be not just a blog, but a brand.  I want to be able to make a living by doing what I love.

Is that too much to ask for?  Well, maybe.  But so what?!  That's what I want and that's what I'm working towards.  How, you ask?  Well I'm not 100% sure yet, but here's my game plan (in bulleted form since this post is getting pretty long already) so far:

  • Sponsor/Advertise on big blogs
  • Apply/Join different affiliate/sponsorship programs to start making a little money
  • Reach out to small businesses with sponsorship proposals
  • Collaborate with other bloggers and host meetups/linkups/events
  • Update and keep track of my blog stats
  • Work harder at promoting and networking via social media
  • Continue to read and comment on other blogs and build strong relationships

Now, I'm not saying that in order to be a successful blogger you need to be making loads of cash by sitting in front of your computer all day - but, hey, it would be nice, right?

These are just my personal hopes and dreams for this little ol' blog of mine.  What about you?  Do you dream of being a hot shot blogger?  Is blogging your dream job or would it help to open doors towards your dream job?

♥ Duckie.


  1. After blogging for a solid 4 months, I think I can say that I like blogging... a lot. Maybe not as a career but it's a great hobby. I've already begun to support small businesses and I'd like to eventually earn a little income... but it's in the very distant future... baby steps are good :)

  2. Ah... it would be nice to have a blogging career.

    But I'm not sure if it appeals to me because I could blog whenever I wanted or that I could be a stay at home mommy =)

    One of my goals is to be a stay at home mom- if not full time then definitely part time.

  3. Hello lady!
    I like your game plan. It's always brilliant to have a plan of attack when you have a goal. I write everything down, I love seeing my plan on paper. Think it. Write it. Do it!

    I also appreciate your honesty in this post! It is hard to find a blogging niche, especially when you're interested in so many things. I know my blog has overcome many makeovers, and I've only just been in it since October! Lol. The branding is definitely important, and for me, especially because I designed the appearance of Classy Ever After, I was constantly in a tizzy about how it looked... I am finally happy, but boy oh boy, I've gone through like 8 or 9 different headers since I first started designing my little whole in the internet. To sum this up, I have to say, I agree with you! I think most bloggers feel the same. If not, we'd all be writing in private diaries and put our thoughts and moments there. I did that for 10 years already, lol, time to get a little more creative and much more giving.

    Did you ever see "Julie & Julia" with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep? Amy Adams plays Julie and she documents her cooking venture by way of a blog, that line, "Are you listening, anyone?" stands out to me because she felt alone in her journey... and that's probably the toughest part about blogging. Working hard and wanting others to join you on your journey, but then you find yourself walking alone... hoping you reach your goals! I'm right there with you.

    I'd love to collaborate sometime, too! Definitely working on goals of my own, and would eventually like to team up to really rock the blog world :]


  4. I would also love to make money blogging. I wouldn't even need for it to be a full-time income, a supplemental income would be great!

    It's great that you have your goals and a plan of action for them. I wish you tons of luck!

  5. great goals! i'm trying to grow my blog too and need to make a list of goals! it would be nice to make at least a little money off the blog, especially since they do take time to update. good luck on growing your blog!

  6. Laying it out like this is the exact right step on the path toward blogging stardom ;) Keep at it and we'll keep reading!


  7. Well, honestly, i think that you first have to focus on your readers and blog content before thinking of sponsorships/earning money with your blog. Like you said, try to promote your blog on other social media, it's very important to have returning visitors. Another tip for you is to improve your photo quality, since people nowadays seem to like watching pictures more instead of reading the text. Of course everybody wants to earn money with their blog, i do to! And I really would like to travel more, starting with lfw next season! :)

    Enter my Daniel Wellington giveaway and win a watch of your own choice!

  8. Eventually, if possible, I'd also like to monetize my blog. I'm dreaming big!

    The Hartungs Blog

  9. Sounds like a good plan hun - I'm sure you could conquer the world if you wanted too! Looking forward to keeping up with your progress :-)

    Vanessa x

  10. Get it girl!! Look how far you have already come in blogging you got this :)

  11. I am so with you on this one... Though the blog has taken a back seat the past few weeks for work and being sick - I've got that same motivation. I would love to collaborate with you on a link party. I've been thinking about a "PAINA" inspired party not just a link up but maybe a questions inspired one with different topics or something like that. Anyway - if you'd like we could definitely figure out this party thang and make it happen!



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