Friday, March 8, 2013

A Little Bit of Family Fun.

And the common way to have a little family fun here on Guam is to have a barbecue at the beach!

The day before my sister left, we packed up the kids and the barbecue grill and headed to our favorite spot, Tanguisson beach.

It is a pretty secluded area that very few tourists know about.  The first time we ever went, there were only two other families there.  The water was calm and clear, shells lined the sand, and the weather was spectacular.  We all fell in love with that beach immediately and it is one of the spots we frequent often.  (I've posted about it previously here)

 Since winter, the beach has become littered with coral, shells, and rocks which makes it a little rough on the feet so it was a little harder to find a soft spot of sand to stand on in the water on our last visit.  The surf was also a little rougher and even though my kids are pretty adept at swimming in the ocean (they get it from me), I still warned them to stay closer to shore and keep an eye on each other and the ocean.  As all ocean lovers know, the sea is constantly changing - the tide, the season, the phases of the moon, etc.  What may be an ideal place to swim one day, may not be as safe a month later.

After swimming for a bit we all took a lunch break and refueled with red rice, bbq'd ribs, fried chicken, and chicken kelaguen.  We decided to go and explore the trail we found on the rocks while our food digested in our stomachs and of course we took our camera along to have a little photography fun with the kids!

 The kids love exploring new areas!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again, Roxy needs to sponsor my daughter!!!  She can't wait to go back to Hawaii this summer so she can surf again!  (Mom, send my boards here so she can practice, please!)

I'd say sponsor this daughter too, but it took a LOT of coaxing to even get her to stand next to this tree.  And fuhgeddabout trying to make her put her hand on it!   "There's ants on it!...What's that green stuff?...I don't like moss!...This tree is gross!"

With her gold ballet flats again.

This kid...if he had a choice, he'd be at the beach all day, errday.  He already told me he's running away to live in Hawaii.   (Again mom, just send the boards already!)

This was supposed to be our "lost in the wilderness" pose...yeah, I don't know either.

 And my super tattooed sister.  I'm a pretty great photographer, huh?  If only I was great at self portraits I'd have better outfit pictures!

 And to pay homage to my awesome pose, my sister does THE SQUAT.

Happy Friday, everyone!  Have a great weekend!

♥ Duckie.


  1. Your photos are gorgeous! You all look like you had an amazing time! That beach is beautiful!! I am pretty dang envious - the last thing on my mind is a bathing suit. It is still so cold and dreary here!

  2. Such an amazing place!!!


  3. Aww I need to go to a beach like that, all the ones I know get pretty crowded, that's another reason not to go! haha.
    You are one HOT mama! You look stunning darling! I hope that day at the beach has recharged your energy for the next week! Hugs! xoxo :)

  4. JEALOUS....look at that bod. your body is great too...haha. just kid. I really was awesome of your silhouette. Damn gurl. You must be my You and jaqui look so similar. you guys are so cute together.



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