Wednesday, March 6, 2013

IFB Project #85: Where Do You Blog?

So I've put some thought into the direction I want to take this little blog of mine over the past week and I think I've come to the decision that I want to lean more towards fashion and my personal style.

Fashion has always been a HUGE part of my life - I had dreams of being a model-slash-fashion designer-slash-rockstar since I was little.

Check out this picture of a 7-year-old me modeling for the local department store.  My pictures were in the newspaper ads every week - I was a celebrity in elementary school.

This blog originally started as a personal style blog for my sister and I to share our daily outfits and eventually grew to include various other topics.  I do have many different interests but trying to keep up with so many different aspects on a blog can be frustrating!

Right now, I plan to focus more on the beauty/fashion/personal style side of my blog because it's something I am very passionate about.  I will still cover other topics from time to time but I'm gonna try and stick mostly to one (okay, two) main topics.

That being said, I've decided to participate in the IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) Project this week and give you the insider scoop on where I blog.  The IFB site is full of helpful tips and articles that are useful for ALL bloggers, not just the fashion ones!

When I first started this little blog of mine, I was blogging mostly from my desk at work.  I would blog during my down time so it was a little difficult to stay focused and inspired when writing a post.

Yup, trying to find some inspiration up there.

After I stopped working in August last year, I set up a little office nook in our old room which was just being used as storage at the time.

I found that I was able to get more things done because I wasn't as distracted as I was when I was working.  The only problem was that it was hot as hell in that room with very little air flow.  I would literally sweat my ass off over a post!

A few months later, my cousin moved in so my little office nook ended up moving into my room, and then eventually to our living room.  As of right now, I blog from our living room couch.

My laptop, external monitor, and various papers, bills, and unopened mail clutter our little brown coffee table.  Though it isn't my ideal blogging space, it works for now.  I'm in the main area of the house and in earshot of the kids at all times (except when they're in the other yard), I have plenty of natural air flow and light, and I can just lay down and take a nap if I need to recharge.

Eventually I plan to clean and organize my room and create a Pinterest-worthy office space to blog from, but who knows how long that will take - I mean, our kitchen has been unfinished for two years.

 This seems easy enough to recreate, right?

What about you?  Where do you blog?  Does your blog space help or hinder your creativity and focus?

♥ Duckie.


  1. Duckie you are HILARIOUS. LOL!! YES you are a rockstar and I love the lengths you will go to find creativity!! LOL!!

  2. I'm always trying to redo my work area, but I can never seem to get it just right where I want it. I love the inspiration picture! :)

  3. I blog all over the place. Once I move to my new place I may create a space to blog regularly in one area. But for now its anywhere and everywhere my laptop will go!

  4. I blog mostly on my bed at night, but I don't mind blogging at other places, as long as I feel comfortable, during school time, I don't mind blogging from uni if I can make time :) Hugs!


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