Thursday, March 28, 2013

Oh, Hello Again!

Do I look familiar or what?

Yes, I went on yet ANOTHER blog hiatus!  It was actually a little longer than I intended it to be because my stupid internet/phone/cable was acting up and I was only able to get a tech out here yesterday.  Stupid.

I tried writing posts but my internet kept glitching and losing connection that it was just so frustrating that I gave up.  And trying to write a post on a phone?  Fuhgeddaboudit!

But in all honesty, it was pretty nice having a break from technology.  Every once in a while it's good to step away from the posts, statuses, updates, emails, etc. and get out and experience life.  And that's what I did - in a pretty awesome way.

Chloe celebrated her 5th birthday last week on the 19th and she had a blast.  Since this is her first year in school she was able to celebrate with her class.  She was so excited because she was able to get dressed up in her birthday dress and glitter shoes.

As soon as she walked into her class everyone ooh'd and ahh'd and told her that she looked like a princess.  That really made her day.  We bought pizza and cheeseburgers for the kids to eat and passed out party bags and strawberry cupcakes to everyone.

After school we went down to Joey's mom's house where we celebrated Chloe's birthday yet again with even more food!  She was so excited and thankful for all the gifts and birthday wishes she got that day.  Later that evening she even told me "Mom, I wish my birthday could last forever!  I never want it to end!"  Ain't that the truth.

A few nights later, Joey's goddaughter, Kayla, caught a 7-foot brown tree snake under their car!  She's only 13 years old but she's one tough cookie!

The kids are amazed with snakes so of course Joey ended up taking it.  So I had to drive while Joey sat in the passenger seat right next to me, holding this 7-foot snake in his hands.  How funny would it have been if we had gotten pulled over!?

"Oh, sorry officer, is there a problem?  It's just that I'm trying to get home quickly so our little friend here can calm down and sink its teeth into something juicy."

We ended up bringing the snake to Joey's friend's house so they could get a look at it.  They measured it and confirmed that it was 7 feet long and female.  I was able to get a few quick pictures of it before we put it in a container to rest.  And yes, Joey had to hold the head of it because brown tree snakes BITE!

So that was just a little bit of what I've been up to since my last post.  I've also been doing a LOT of cleaning.  It's pretty amazing actually, considering I hate to clean.  We cleaned the girls' room and my room and it was pretty epic.  The girls are happy that they can finally see the floor and have space to play in their own room again.  I'm happy that we got rid of so much junk and clutter and I'm excited to be getting some new used furniture in the next few days.

It's been refreshing to take a step back from the computer and be productive.  I'll be doing much more cleaning, rearranging, DIYing, and moving in the next few weeks because of the furniture and because my cousin will be moving out so I can't wait to share my DIY projects and before and after photos as it goes along!

♥ Duckie.


  1. That snake looks scary!! Chloe on the other hand, looks beautiful, a real princess! :)

    Seems everyone had a good time. Enjoy your time off blogging, sometimes it is needed. Hugs! :)

  2. chloe is too cute! i want a fun party dress and sparkly shoes for my birthday too :) that snake though, no thank you. i'm a big baby when it comes to snakes! eeee!

  3. eeeek! you guys are crazy to hold one! and happy birthday to your sweet girl :)

  4. OMG thats so crazy to just handle a snake like that!!!! Glad to see that Chloe enjoyed her birthday! You have set the standard :) keep it up! lol

  5. "Aw, she looks so cute! ... What a pretty dress...Yummms..Food...Is that red rice? Oh I love red rice. That's a HUGE container of red rice. Can you send me some red rice?...OH MY GOD... Is that a FREAKING SNAKE?!... That has to be someone's pet.... OH MY GOD... She caught that thang?!... Aren't they poisonous??? They are CRAZY!!"

    ^^^My thoughts on this post.

    PS- baby girl is so cute! That snake? SCARY!!

  6. Happy Birthday from me!
    you can say to her that she look beautiful in this dress! :))

    beste regards from germany <:D


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