Thursday, April 11, 2013

I think it's better if we just move on.

From the series posts, I mean.
You know, the whole "Makeup Mondays", "Tasty Tuesdays", and "What I Wore Wednesdays"...
Because I feel like I'm too confined to post something related to that topic.
And sometimes I feel like putting on makeup on a Tuesday and I'm feeling very tasty on a Thursday.
So I think I'll just let go of the whole series posts for now.  It's good to have a series of posts when you don't know what to write about, but when you've got a creative streak going, it kinda holds you back.

That being said, check out this makeup look I did on a (gasp!) Wednesday.




I had gotten these contact lenses from Pinky Paradise a little while ago and had been going bonkers trying to figure out what kind of look would show it off best

I was feeling very "makeupy" (yes, I just made up that word) yesterday and was thinking about doing a little peachy pink look and thennnnnn I came across this image on Pinterest yesterday and knew it would be perfect to recreate a more subtle, middle of the day, kinda look for it.  I loved how it turned out especially when I put my grey contact lenses on.  And for future reference, put contacts on BEFORE makeup - I learned this the hard way.

I've been using these lenses that I got from Pinky Paradise for a over two weeks now and I'm in LOVE with them.  I love how they look and feel more natural than other lenses I've tried in the past.  They also have a HUGE selection of prescription and non-prescription contact lenses on their site and the colors and styles are amazing!  They've got the basic colors like blue, grey, brown, and green which are great for everyday wear AND they've also got those crazy lenses that look like cat eyes or spiderwebs which are perfect for Halloween (*hint, hint*)!

 One of my favorite things about ordering these lenses were the freebies.  You know I'm all about freebies so I was stoked that every pair of lenses comes with a cute little animal case to store them in.  I was even more excited that they threw in an extra gift for me which has come in quite handy since my bangs always get in my way when I do my makeup and clean around the house.  I don't recommend going out in public with this though.

Basically, it's a strip of velcro to hold your hair back.
And because they're so awesome, all of the lovely readers and followers of this little blog can get a free mystery gift with every pair of lenses you order from Pinky Paradise by using the code: FRIKKENDUCKIE at checkout.  So that's two freebies for every lens you purchase (lens case + mystery gift = 2 times the awesomeness)!  How can you refuse that?

Simple.  You CAN'T.  Go now.

♥ Duckie.

**Items featured were courtesy of but all views and opinions are my own.**


  1. I got my package the other day! Thank you for resending it. I'll definitely have fun playing with my new palette (once I'm a good beauty blogger and take pristine pictures of it). :-)

    I can see how doing too many series posts would be confining. The look you created is really pretty!

  2. I totally agree with you, it's a good thing if you want structure and if you are trying to find an idea what to blog today but it can definitely hold you back.

    That said, I love you make-up look! Wonderful eyes <3

  3. That's why only participate in them if I already have something similar going on. Posting with set topics is boring.

  4. I learned that lesson, too.

    I felt confined and now just write whenever and about whatever!

    Not gonna lie, I may go back to some sort of structure but more so for me if I get writer's block or something.

    Loving the makeup! So fun =)

  5. So pretty!! :D
    I feel you girl. I tried doing a "My Week Visually" series where I post up random pictures I took from that week...didn't even last a month.
    And omg, I've been looking for that hair velcro thing everywhere! I can probably just buy strips of velcro at some fabric store, lol.


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