Thursday, April 25, 2013

OMG, You Guys! Thank You!

I am SO overwhelmed by all the positive feedback and support I got on yesterday's post!  I have to admit that I was nervous to post it because I thought some people would be offended by it, but those people are probably the ones who wouldn't read the actual post anyway.  Lol.

I am also VERY surprised and EXTREMELY thankful for all you wonderful, loyal, genuine, truly awesome readers because this morning, I stumbled upon this:

I am literally blown away by this!  I cannot thank you readers enough for all your support and encouragement!  A very special thank you goes out to whoever it was that submitted this post to Bloggers Anonymous as well as to B.A. for posting it!

Please go check out B.A. and show some love and support to other bloggers!  I know of quite a few bloggers that I'll be submitting to them to feature soon!  Hey, it could be you!

**This post was in no way sponsored by Bloggers Anonymous, nor is this a gimmick for self-promotion.  I am truly blessed to have such wonderful friends and followers and if you are the person who submitted my blog to B.A., I'd really like to know so I can thank you properly!**

♥ Duckie.


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