Saturday, July 13, 2013

Summer Vacation 2013: Legoland

Well hello again!  So as most of you know my family and I went on a long vacation to California and Hawaii this summer and we had such a blast that I wanted to share some of our trip with you all.  It was the first time our kids have been to the continental U.S. and the first time we went on vacation as a whole family so it was kind of a big deal for us.

Our first order of business was Legoland.  The kids had been "ooh"-ing and "ahh"-ing over photos they saw online so they were extremely ecstatic to actually be at Legoland.  This was their first amusement park and they loved every second of it.

Playing with lego blocks while we wait to enter the park.

Being tourists with a tourist.

 Another photo opp.

It's a baby Trace-ceratops!

Jaxx and Chloe.

My dad and Trace (who is pretty excited).
 Aniyah and my mom.

Nobody wanted to ride with the photographer.
 Giraffes are my faves!


I think the kids' favorite part of Legoland was the big sprinkler pad thingy.  They spent more time on it than anything else.  It's not much more than a giant sprinkler system, but to them it was amazing!





 I just love this picture of them!

A guy walking past told his son, "Stay away from that one, she's trouble!"

 The Lego car.

 Aniyah's checking if it's real.

 Sunglasses: Vans  //  Blouse:  Ross {$7.99}  //  Bandeau:  Macy's  //  Shorts:  BoomBoom Jeans  //  Shoes:  Nine West {$80}  //  Bag:  Louis Vuitton

 Yup, we won the big one.

 My dad taking paparazzi style pictures of us walking.

 Trace was freaking out - I think he's afraid of heights like me.
 Aniyah had a blast on this!

  Soaking wet and FREEZING!!

The kids absolutely loved Legoland!  There were a lot of rides that we didn't get a chance to go on because they were under repair and because we didn't have enough time during our day there but the kids absolutely want to go back again.

I think it's a really great theme park for younger kids because there are enough rides for them to enjoy but I don't recommend going there with teenagers.  Thankfully, mine aren't at that age yet so we can still go back and enjoy Legoland as a family for at least another few years!

Have you been to Legoland?  What was your experience like?



  1. Oh my gosh.. Legoland looks SO fun!!!! Love all the pictures!

  2. Glad you all had fun! I still haven't gone to Legoland but my family is planning on going sometime this summer, not sure if it'll fall through. My niece is obsessed with legos so it's perfect for her, lol.


  3. Hello!! :)

    Legoland looks so cool!! Definitely a kid's paradise! Loved the pandas!! I'm so glad to see you're been doing well :-) Take Care Gorgeous!! xx

  4. im glad you guys went there when it was a little bit warmer! i was so cold there in March:(. i miss you, Twin. I think Im going to start to blog in the Fall. maybe earlier. I need to get a new computer first:(. Getting a new van pretty much sucked up all our savings for awhile.

    well see ya, beautiful!



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