Friday, August 2, 2013


Everyone needs a little bit of the aloha spirit in their life.  While the word "aloha" is known mostly as a greeting ("hello" and "goodbye"), it also means affection and compassion.  When locals say to "spread aloha", they mean to spread love.  And the aloha spirit is the spirit of love, compassion, peace, and mercy - four things that we often forget in our day-to-day lives.

But in order to spread love and joy to others, you have to feel it in yourself.  Most days we go about our daily routines (work, school, kids, chores, etc.) trying to make everyone else happy and not taking time to make ourselves happy first.  That time you have for yourself is important.  You can't "live aloha" if you don't feel it.

I know it can seem like it's such a big burden to set aside time to make yourself happy when you're always busy and on-the-go, but just doing a tiny thing for yourself everyday will do wonders for your life.  Treat yourself to a cupcake, paint your nails, meditate, dance around your house in the morning, sing a ballad at the top of your lungs in traffic...all these little things can make your day seem a whole lot brighter because you're making yourself (and nobody else) happy.  And if all else fails, put on something bright and fun so you can't help but smile while you're wearing it.

Top:  Papaya [$21]  //  Shorts:  Handmade by me  //  Necklace:  Charlotte Russe [$5]  //  Sandals:  Payless Shoes [$15]  //  Bathing Suit Top:  Target [$17.99]

I handmade these shorts after being inspired by the wonderfully talented Sharon Lei of Elisharon.  Her style is AMAZING and her sketches are crazy awesome!  And if you need a second opinion, H&M chose her to be the Hawaii ambassador for their 50 States of Fashion campaign!  Anyone still questioning her awesomeness?  No?  I thought so.

Now go and get your happy on, feel the aloha, and then hop on over to Elisharon and spread some aloha by congratulating her on such an amazing accomplishment!


  1. great post! you look beautiful! xo

  2. the shorts turned out look awesome:). miss you friend.


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