Monday, August 12, 2013 for Monday!

Today has been a pretty busy day so far and it's still only 2pm right now.  My mind is all over the place right now and I'm unable to focus on just one topic to write about so today you're getting a summary of all things "M".

Music:    I've been obsessed with "Baby I" by Ariana Grande for the past few days.  It's kind of ridiculous how many times I've played it already.  It's actually playing in the background right now as I'm typing.

Baby I by Ariana Grande on Grooveshark
Motivation:  I feel like I've really let myself go this summer - I've been eating everything in sight, haven't been working out, and I've been guzzling down coffee and energy drinks like nobody's business.  This past weekend I set some realistic goals for myself in order to get my health and my body to where I want it to be:  (a) start my day with a morning yoga routine, (b) decrease my caffeine intake and increase my water intake, (c) try to eat more well-balanced meals, and (d) do a little cardio in the evening (running, zumba, etc.).  It doesn't seem like much, but I did feel much more energized today after I did my morning yoga.

Makeup:  I haven't been wearing much makeup lately so I haven't been posting much on the subject.  I did pick up a few items at Sephora while I was in Hawaii and they've become my new faves.  I'm thinking about doing a post on them and an "everyday makeup routine" video but I'm still not sure because it's pretty simple and minimal.  Let me know if you want to see it anyway and I'll put it together.

Must-haves:  (1) I'm dying for this dress by The Reformation.  (2) My Diamond Candle is still filling my bedroom with it's wonderful scent!  Don't forget to enter the giveaway to win one of your own!  (3) I practically live in this necklace made by Lotus Blossom Design and designed by yours truly.  And how perfect would it be with that dress, right?

In the Making:  I've been on a DIY kick lately and my newest creations include bathing suits.  Having lived on an island all of my life, I basically live in bathing suits and bikinis.  We go swimming at least once a week as a family and my daughters are always wanting new bikinis.  So be on the lookout for some of my creations debuting on Instagram!

Movies:  Joey and I finally had a night to ourselves last night so we went and watched We're the Millers.  It was just about the funniest movie ever - if you like crude, vulgar humor - like I do.  I was probably the loudest laugh-er in the theater last night.  Seriously.


  1. I cant wait to go see that movie! I'm glad it got a good review from you! :)

  2. I haven't seen the movie yet, but I really want to! :)

    xx Denysia Yu

  3. i dont know how long its been since warren and I went to see a movie. my mom really wants to watch that movie. looks so predictable...gosh, jen A. body is so hot...might just go watch for #nohomo...maybe.

    looking forward to more DIYs!!


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