Thursday, November 7, 2013

DIY Shoe Display

Remember my closet project that I started a few months back?  And how my shoe organization consisted of a dusty old cabinet?

Looks horrible, doesn't it?  I couldn't even fit all my shoes in there so whenever I took a pair out to wear, it ended up on the floor instead of back inside this mess of a shoe cabinet.

But thanks to a little creativity and inspiration from my niece, Kiana, AND an old bed frame I had lying around, I was able to transform that hot wooden mess up there into a spectacular shoe-stravaganza!

 Welcome to my shoe corner!  A lovely little place in my closet where my shoes can hang out without the worry of being cramped and neglected.  And you want to know how I did it?  I took the metal frame from a futon bed and stood it up in the corner.  Easy?  Yes.  Genius?  HELL YES!

 The bottom is where I keep my boots, flats, and sneakers.  I even hung some of my boots on pants hangers to reduce the clutter on the floor and to keep the shape of the boots nice and straight.  And you see those brown boots in the bottom right?  I got those for $5.00 (yes, $5!!) on Poshmark from @kskloset.  She is absolutely amazing and she's got a whole bunch of brand new boots that I highly suggest you check out!

All my sandals were originally on the floor but I had another genius idea to use the extra pants hangers to hang them on an extra curtain rod.  Eventually I'll get some wire hangers to do this idea and make it look a little prettier, but for now I'm fine with it.

In between is where the heels and wedges are kept.  I love how I can just hang my heels up and not have to worry about them scuffing or getting lost under each other since they're spaced out and able to fit neatly.  What a difference it makes when trying to get ready!

Isn't it awesome what you can do with old furniture?  I'm sure you have (or know someone who has) an old bed frame you can use to do this yourself.  Go get it and make your cluttered, dusty, shoe pile transform into a super chic shoe display.  You know, because display sounds much more fancy.


  1. I like! Way to repurpose! I keep all mine in boxes so they're stacked to the top of the closet.

  2. man! i only have 3 sneakers, 1 converse, 1 birkenstock, 1 sandals and 1 slippers - and i think they're already take too much space. haha
    but i love this display

  3. i love your resourcefulness! and love that tutorial to make hangers for flip flops and other shoes that wont stay on racks.


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