Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Frikken Resolutions...

I'm taking tips from Whit and Sarah this year and I'm totally going to take this little blog to a whole 'nutha level.

Now that I'm working full-time again, I have a little extra $$ and computer time to invest in my blog more.  With that said, I've come up with some blogging resolutions for 2014:

1.  Sell Out.  I started sponsoring blogs in 2013 and my blog grew a lot through the ads I purchased and the blogs I whored myself on.  After my summer-long blog hiatus, all that hard whoring work kind of fizzled out.  It was totally my fault, but this year I'm trying to get back up to par so that means you'll probably be seeing me creeping around the sidebar on some of your favorite blogs throughout the year.  (*Ahem, I'm sponsoring I Wore Yoga Pants and Silly Grrl this month.)

 2.  Facelift.  Yep, I've been saying it all month but I haven't even started yet.  I'm redesigning the blog all over again.  I want a fresh look with clean lines and easy site navigation.  The only problem is, I have NO CLUE where to begin.  I can't decide on a color scheme/logo/font/graphics to use.  Maybe I'll go against my "cheap Asian" stereotype and splurge on a custom design...my inner cheap Asian and I still need to seriously discuss this one.

3.  Stalker Status.  This is where Sarah's What Are Your Blogging Goals post comes in to play.  In order to increase traffic/readership/followers, she suggests to visit and comment on 10 blogs every day.  I think this is a great way to not only grow my blog, but to keep up with my favorite bloggers (which I've been slacking on since my previously mentioned hiatus) - so it's kind of a win/win.

4.  Beyonce It Up.  If you read Whit's post about how to Be the Beyonce of Your Blog then you know where I'm coming from.  I love writing this blog and interacting with all of you fabulous readers but I definitely am shy and more reserved when I talk about my blog to other people.  I'm afraid of what people I know might think or say if they were to visit my blog.  I've come to realize that my insecurity has actually held me back from some great local opportunities in 2013 so I'm ready to step up to the stage in 2014 and "love the living shit" out of my blog - online and in person.

5.  Commit, Don't Quit.  This is the icing to my blogging cake.  Because what's the use of doing all of this if I just give up on it?  Uh, nothing.  And wouldn't you prefer a complete, fully-iced cake over a plain, half-ass one?  Duh.  This year I plan to follow-through with my resolutions and not be a flake.  I need to commit whole-heartedly to everything I post and say I'm going to do.  And if I ever start slacking off on that, PLEASE let me know.  Like, how I said I would do a post on my new daily face routine but still haven't done it yet...Don't hesitate to remind me, people!  I'm a very forgetful person so if it's not tattooed on my hand, I'll probably need a nudge.

So, that's my diabolical plan to take over the blog-o-sphere in 2014.  I know that it's going to take major work to get to where I want this blog to be, but I'm willing and ready to do it.  What about you?  Do you have any resolutions for your blog this year?


  1. I always love your posts :-) Very honest, and these are awesome points. Be the Beyonce of your blog, girl. Lol.. Own it!! Happy new year!

  2. Happy New Years, Duckie and Hope your new years eve was awesome and eventful as your personality:). I hope all your new years revolutions come true and put into reality. I hope work wont keep you too busy! and I will take your advice as well as get into stalker status again. See ya around! and I would gladly be one of your sponsors when you get that into action!

    xoxo, K.LEE


  3. I don't like talking about my blog to people in real life! I get kind of nervous and shy about it. Excited to see all the new changes coming your way :)


  4. Love this post! You've got a serious plan - kick it's butt!

  5. I've been blogging for awhile now and only recently have I really started telling people I blog...besides other bloggers.
    I'll be the JayZ to your Beyonce...let's take the blog world by storm!


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