Monday, December 16, 2013

Things I've Realized + Link Love

- Proof that readers love honest bloggers who don't bullshit about their fake perfect lives.  >>
- I love retail but I'm quitting my job.  Cleaning up a battlefield until 3:30a.m. is so not the biz.  #icant

- Lately I've been dictating my posts to myself as I type them.  Is it just me or is that a normal "blogger" thing?  Because I never used to do that before and it's kinda freaking me out.
- This woman makes me so jealous of her awesome makeup/beauty looks and makes me hate Sephora for not shipping to Guam.  >>

- Fitness has not been one of my priorities these past few weeks.  I think work + stress = no motivation for me.  And it's starting to show.  Thankfully this biatch is motivating me with her hilarious post!  >>

- When I'm stopped up, the only thing that makes me go is coffee.  If you didn't know, I'm talking bowel movements.  Yup, I went there.

- This post made me realize how much I take being "in a relationship" during the holidays for granted.  >> (Complete with Ryan Gosling pictures!)

- One of my favorite bloggers (and this month's sponsor) has hit 100 followers on Bloglovin'!!  Let's help her get another 100!  >>

- I know I've said I'm going to redesign this blog but frankly, I don't know where to start.  This is going to take a while...

Oh, and don't forget to enter this AMAZING giveaway from ILWF!!  It's pretty frikken epic!


  1. haha, when it comes to my blog design/banner, i'm bipolar. i love that quote. now i know that i'm dancing cha-cha at the moment

  2. I love Kathy's hilarious posts too and i'm trying to keep to a workout routine, especially since I've been eating cookies non stop! and retail around Christmas is such a rough gig!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  3. Love the link-Love!

    I love your blog design as it is! make mine but with blue and black lol. twinsies.

    have a great week, love!

    xx, KLEE

  4. Holy amazing, girl!!! Thank you so much for the shout out and much love right back at ya!! Xoxo!


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