Thursday, January 23, 2014

I Confess...

...that I'm a little bit confused as to why the Humpday Confessions is gone.  I was actually stumped on what to write today until I remembered the Humpday Confessions link-up and now I find out that the weekly link up is over.  WTF Kat?  Get that shit back, pronto!

...I'm really feeling lovey-dovey today.  Like, all I want to do is spend all day with my man.  I want to see him, talk to him, write about him, post pictures of him, grope him - I feel like I'm a teenager again.  This is the first time I've actually felt excited for Valentine's Day.  And also the first time I've ever referred to Joey as "my man".  Cray, I know.  But look how cute we are!  And yeah, that's not crack, it's just my back.

...that I'm really more excited about the idea of working out than the actual "working out" part.  Over the weekend we went swimming AND just to push myself a little more I challenged my nieces to do "suicide runs" with me.  In the sand.  I literally almost died.  And now that I've put together my program on the Nike Training app I'm in for one hell of a month.  Wtf did I get myself into??

...that even though my mom is coming on Sunday, I have not even attempted to clean the house.  I'm sure she'll clean it when she gets here.  That's what moms are for, right?

...I'm having a love/hate relationship with Poshmark and the USPS right now.  I sold an item (my favorite Coach boots which I was secretly hoping that nobody would really buy), packaged it, and left it at the front desk in my office to be picked up by the post man.  It was picked up, but now nobody knows where the damn package is!  The tracking number is useless because all it says is "Electronic Shipping Info Received" which means it was never scanned at the post office.  WTF.  Understandably the buyer is getting impatient and I'm pissed because (1) I don't want to get a bad rep, (2) The USPS is giving me the runaround telling me to "wait a few more days", and (3) if the package is never found and the buyer cancels the transaction, I won't get a damn cent AND I'll have lost a great pair of Coach boots!  Seriously, WTF!!!


  1. I have no idea what suicide runs are??!?! Hope your package is found, I'm sure it's around somewhere!

  2. a lot of people mourned the death over the linkup so i will be reviving it.

    and suicide drills are the worst. they work and they're hard but hate them anyway. just like burpees!

    Vodka and Soda

  3. I just downloaded that app! I haven't actually used it because well I'm lazy, but I downloaded it.

    Have you used it/Do you like it?

  4. I'd be super pissed about the boots! What good is a tracking number when you can't use it!

  5. ah hopefully the boots get found. that is so annoying. and good luck with the workouts! I've been pretty lazy lately oops.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  6. sorry to heard that, hope someone had a good heart and give it back. ^_^

  7. you're having a bad good week, huh? lots to be happy for, yet facing a issue that shouldn't be bothered with. you made my decision on not returning something back via pick up delivery. i hope things will be in order for ya, quick.:). say hi to Joey for two are pretty beautiful

    xoxo, K.Lee

  8. I haven't had any luck with poshmark so far. I think I'm better off selling my clothes in a yard sale. Haha.

    xxDenysia Yu


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