Monday, January 27, 2014

Weekend Recap in Ecards

Holy crap, is it Monday already?  Whyyyyy!!!???

This past weekend wasn't very eventful for us.  It pretty much rained all weekend long so we just kept cozy at home.  Here's my weekend recap in ecards...because I didn't take any pictures at all.

- Got a little cleaning done (even though I know I said I wasn't going to in this post) and finally got rid of the cobwebs in the corner.  Not all the corners, but one is good enough for now, right?

- My body was still hurting from day 1 of my Nike+ Training program so I didn't do the 3-mile run I talked about on Friday.  I know my ass CANNOT run 3 miles.  Like, at all.  So I did what any intelligent person would do: download an app.  So now I've got the Nike+ Training app for workouts AND the Nike+ Running app to help me with my running days.  Today is my first "run" and I think I'm ready.

- Got some goodies in the mail from a few awesome sponsors so I'm excited to share my reviews with you!  And I'm totally wearing one of the items right now (and got several compliments on it) and I absolutely adore it!

- Sold a few more items on Poshmark over the weekend and will be shipping them out tomorrow.  And you can bet my ass will be walking those packages straight to the post office counter.  I'm not about to have another package lost!  #aintnobodygottimeforthat

- Also used my credit from my Poshmark account to order some bikinis.  Just another reason for me to keep up with my fitness programs!

- Stress and this funky ass weather has caused me to break out all over my chin area!  I think I need a new facial regimen.  Any suggestions??

- Finished day 4 of my Nike+ Training program last night (if you've got the app, the workout I did was Hurricane).  It was pretty much 45 minutes of me hopping all over the living room - broad jumps, froggers, mountain climbers, jump roping, lateral hops, etc.  The good news is:  I didn't puke!  Yay!  That's an accomplishment, right?

- Woke up kicking and screaming early this morning because of a bad dream.  Some creeper in a supermarket was attacking me after luring me in with free samples.  Free food is dangerous, people!


  1. haha i like the vodka cleaning house one. that's my kinda cleaning! and damn, running 3miles off the bat? no, you have to work up to that! bitches be crazy!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  2. When will this rain end!!!?!? I love the ecards!!

  3. eCards are the best things ever. They always say the right thing :)

  4. those are cracking me up! making me giggle on this cold day. blah

  5. 3 miles is a bit aggressive for a first-time runner (I just wrote a post about this). Definitely find a good plan so you don't get turned off of running; it's a great sport, you just have to start slow and build the endurance. I hope you grow to love it!

  6. Ecards are probably my favorite things to look up online. Well, that and the pervy sloth... please tell me you know about the pervy sloth!!!

  7. Funniest thing I read all day! We've been holed up in our house too. Reading ecards is pretty much the best rainy day activity ever.

  8. You were that sore after day 1 of the Nike Training App? Shitballs. I knew there was a reason I was lagging on the download. These ecards are great! Especially the face washing one. Bitch, do you know how messy my bathroom would be if I did that?!


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