Thursday, January 16, 2014

'Yonce & LOVE

Yesterday was crappy.  My scheduled post didn't even go up as scheduled - that's how awful yesterday was.  I think I really just needed to work it out because after dinner was over and homework was finished, the girls and I turned on the Xbox and got our dance on.

After about 2 hours of dancing and laughing with my daughters, all the anxiety and worries I had throughout the day just disappeared.  I worked up a quite a sweat, but before jumping in the shower I downloaded Queen Bey's latest album and you can bet I walked out of that bathroom feeling like this:

I listened to that album all night - on shuffle and repeat - so this morning I woke up feeling like I could run the world.  And of course I played the album again while I was getting ready for work so my outfit today pretty much reflects that (photo to come later).

Anyway, so I'm pretty confident that karma is on my side today because my homegirls over at LOVE emailed me this morning with a ***Flawless deal:

 ***30% discount code applies to full-priced items only***

Oh no they didn't!  Oh, HELL YES, they did.  ANNND, (this is where it gets even better) I hopped on over to check out the new arrivals and check. this. shit. out.:

Are they on point, or what?!  ANNNNNNND, (get ready for it) this Yonce top is only £7.99!  Aww, yeahhhhhhh...

C'mon, do it with me.  You know you want to.  And, they've got a bunch of other cute stuff too (like this twerk top and this badass zipper jumpsuit that I'm pretty sure Queen Bey would rock like a diva.

I have a feeling that Mrs. Carter wasn't talking about Jay-Z when she recorded that song - she was talking about the crazy deals and items from LOVE.  Now go on and get Crazy In LOVE too.


  1. There's nothing a good dance party can't fix. My best friend got me a bracelet with "Just Dance" printed on it, and I have to say... there's very little that advice doesn't apply to.

  2. Haha. I love your positive attitude. I had a crappy day yesterday and am having a hard time recovering. I think I need more dance parties in my life :)

  3. Oh very interesting~

  4. I love me some Yonce! xoxo. Great Post!

    xoxo, K.Lee

  5. hehe this post brought some positive attitudes! I really love beyonce and now I'm going to check out her music!


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