Friday, February 14, 2014

A Little Love + #iknowican

Happy Valentine's day biatches!  Thanks for all your supportive comments on my Debbie-Downer post yesterday.  I love you all, but it's nice to know that you're all feeling as shitty as I am right now!

Anyway, after listing all the things that I couldn't bring myself to do, I decided to try and turn things around with some link love and a list of shit that #iknowican do this weekend.  Hopefully these positive vibes can carry on into next week as well...

This post about perception vs. reality really made my day.  >>

Amazing Hawai'i inspired wrapping paper designed by an awesome local Hawaiian artist.  >>

I dumped my stuff on another blog the other day.  >>

I'm whoring it up on every frikken post on this blog during February.  >>

My BBFF's birthday is coming up and she's caught the Debbie-Downer bug too.  Help me cheer her up!  >>

Tomorrow ends my whore parade on Kat's blog - if you don't already follow her, the fuck are you waiting for?!  >>

And now on to the #iknowican list for this weekend:

#iknowican get back on track with my fitness and running programs.

#iknowican organize the girls room and make it more functional for them.

#iknowican repaint the living room and make it more cheery.

#iknowican clean out my closet and list more things to sell on Poshmark.

#iknowican get some draft posts together in case I have another #icant moment.

#iknowican get my packages together to send out to some wonderful people.

#iknowican make the most out of my weekend by enjoying it with the people I love the most.

And speaking of people I love the most, this just came in for me:

I wasn't lying when I said we weren't "valentine's day" kinda people.  This is literally the FIRST time I've ever gotten flowers from Joey since our first v-day as a couple.  I'm not even gonna lie - our first valentine's day was the ONLY time Joey's ever given me flowers.  Like EVER.

I literally called the receptionist a liar when she told me there were flowers at the front for me.  That's how much I was NOT expecting anything - let alone a gigantic sculpture of flowers - on valentine's day.  I'm definitely not complaining though.

I hope you all have a wonderful valentine's day and an even better weekend - hopefully filled with lots of sex!  Annndddd...before I go, I've got ONE more card to share with you.  Just for shits and giggles.

Click, print, and share.  Have a great weekend biatches!


  1. that is one serious bouquet!!!! i would have thought the receptionist was lying too. when i came back from the holidays, there was a big gift wrapped box on my desk (and i never get anything at work) so i moved it to the side and left it there because i thought someone left theirs on my desk by mistake. when the guy who gave it to me came by (one of my vendors), he said: why haven't you opened your gift? and i was all, oh, this is mine? i thought someone left it here by mistake!! hahaah he thought i was weird.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. Draft posts have SAVED me a few times!!!!! Definitely good to have a few on tap!

  3. Dang! Joey went big... like, making up for every other year, big. Good man! Way to embrace the new attitude! I hope it works and you come out of the weekend a brand new woman!

  4. Holy flower structure! That's awesome, and even better because it totally surprised you. Happy valentine's day!

  5. That is one amazing bouquet of flowers!! I was totally shocked when my fiancee surprised me with flowers too since he was so unbelievably sick! I'm glad you had a great Valentine's Day, lady!!!


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