Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bring It On, Blues!

Alright, I'm officially over winter!  Spring is coming quickly and I couldn't be more excited about it this year!  I swear I think someone put something in my drink on New Year's eve, because I've been a lot more peppy about things lately.

Those who know me will tell you:  pep isn't really my thing.  Like, at all.

I've never been a cheerleader, never paid attention to sports, and certainly don't care to keep a smile plastered on my face.  I've never really been one to wear pastels and even my kids know that my favorite color is black.

This year is strangely different though.  I find myself being drawn to things that never really interested me before.  I actually surprised myself when I started getting giddy about all the new feminine, pastel-colored items on LOVE.

You wanna know what really surprised me, though?  Powder Blue.  I seriously cannot get over it!  I am itching to get my hands on this color!  Every item that they have in this color just looks so light and fresh - how can you not feel cheery with such an amazing color?

And to help you chase away your gloomy greys with some powder blues and pastels hues (see my kick-ass rhyming skills there?), my cheer-mates over at LOVE are giving you all 25% off all full-priced items with a minimum of £30!!  And you know what?  Just about every item up there qualifies for the discount!!

Now get your pom-poms out and head on over to LOVE and get your new spring wardrobe with this exclusive discount code:  STYLEOFF.  And don't forget to show off your new items with confidence - but I know you'll have no problem with that...


  1. i am dying for spring to get here. yesterday we had a very mild taste of it when the temps rose to 4 degrees and i unzipped my jacket and smiled. then it started to rain (of course) and now we're back to freezing temps. yay.

    Vodka and Soda

  2. I'm all black... all day erryday. But I did have a brief stint with baby blue... specifically North Carolina blue... back in the day when Justin Timberlake said it was his favorite color. #embarrasedformyself

  3. As a former cheerleader, Bring it On will forever be one of the movies I sit down and watch if it's on TV. I'm so ashamed.

  4. I surprise most people by saying that I did in fact cheer back in the day. Now my wardrobe mostly consists of black and gray and navy blue because they are "slimming." Or, so I like to tell myself. :)

  5. Bring it on used to be (and it still is) one of my favorite movies to watch! I have pretty much seen all of them lol and they are the reason why I tried cheerleading! hehe I can just sit down and watch a whole marathon of Bring it on movies!

  6. I cant get away from wearing does things for my body that a hue of blue cant. ugh.

    xoxo, K.Lee


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