Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Don't just blog about it...

So after my productive weekend I was able to carry that energy onto my blog yesterday and I re-did some of the pages here on my blog (you can take a look at them by clicking the links on the left).  It's funny how sometimes we (or maybe only I) get so caught up in writing posts and commenting on other blogs that we tend to neglect everything else on our blog. (Again, maybe its only me...)

Before yesterday, I hadn't updated my stats on my sponsor page since November, my "about me" page was about 2 years old, and  I had also completely forgotten that I even had a "bucket list" page and the last update on that was in 2012!  After finally going through everything, I came to the conclusion that I am horrible at upkeep.

Putting a post together is easy (okay, maybe not all the time).  The hard part is updating, editing, and keeping the rest of your blog looking fresh to def.  Since realizing what a hypocrite I've been, I've prayed and asked for forgiveness from blogging Jesus and am now trying to redeem myself for being such a blogging douche.

So now, instead of talking and writing about shit, I'm gonna try to practice more of what I preach.  I'm gonna be about it.  And for all of my awesome, don't-give-a-damn, tell-it-like-it-is followers, don't hesitate to let me know when I start to slip!

And since I'm constantly preaching about Poshmark too, here's today's #ootd (originally posted on Instagram featuring some of my Posh finds.

Top:  Poshmark [$12]  //  Skirt:  Poshmark [BOGO deal averaged to $6]  //  Shoes:  SM Store (local) [$15]  (same here)

Your turn.  What are you gonna be about today??  Also, feel free to save the image as a wallpaper to your desktop/laptop/ipad/iphone/etc. for daily motivation!  You're welcome.


  1. Love the image. Totally feel the same way! Going to check out your updates now!

  2. I've had ideas swirling around my head for the last couple of days, but the lack of good lighting, is making it hard to take pictures. I think I'm just going to have to ring light my pictures for now.

    xxDenysia Yu

  3. I just updated some of my shit the other day, too. It felt GOOD!

  4. i need to do that but i get so lazy! so instead, i put up a theme or links or whatever *for the season* so i don't have to deal with it for a while!

    -kathy | Vodka and Soda

  5. I have so much blog work to do "when I have the time." So basically, it will never get done :)

  6. I have some updating and stuff that I need to do on my blog too. Plus I am totally itching for a new design...ugh!

  7. love the outfit. chevron looks good on ya!


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