Thursday, February 27, 2014

Talofofo Falls Resort Park

Valentine's day weekend was officially deemed "Family Weekend" for us this year.  Our whole weekend was spent doing activities as a family and the kids enjoyed every minute of it.

On our "family weekend" we took a trip to Talofofo Falls Resort Park, a local tourist attraction built around the natural waterfalls in Talofofo.  We'd been to the falls a few times before but it had been a few years since, so we decided to make a spontaneous stop there - and by spontaneous I mean: we were driving along, saw the sign on the side of the road, and just turned in.

As we were driving into the parking lot, the first things we noticed were all the pigs!  There were pigs laying in the shade, taking a walk in the parking lot, digging up plants, and a few lazy ones were dozing under parked cars.  We got there right before feeding time so the kids were amazed at all the pigs and piglets that came running when one of the staff members started banging on his bucket - a signal that it was chow time!

When you first walk in to the park, you'll see a few of their rides: a little train, spinning swings, bumper cars, and spinning teacups.  They're a little run-down due to being exposed to the elements, but they held up pretty well.  A little further down is the "Ghost House" which is pretty much a haunted house, complete with creepy and gory mannequins.  It wasn't as scary as our first time there since the mechanisms which are supposed to move the mannequins no longer worked.  There is also a little walk-through garden called "Love Land" full of porno statutes.  Since this was "family weekend", Joey and I didn't go in - but if you're curious, just Google images of Talofofo Falls Love Land and you'll get the jizz-t of it.  Hardy-harr-harr.

In addition to the pig army, the park is also home to a litter of adorable puppies (Chloe wanted to take them home), chickens, a few ducks, and a pair of deer.

To get to the actual waterfalls, you have to ride a cable car down to the bottom.  With such humid temperatures on Guam, each cable car is conveniently fitted with 4 manual cooling systems, two of which are shown below.

The cable car takes you right over the first waterfall and the view is absolutely gorgeous.  No amount of touristy fluff can take away from the natural beauty of the falls themselves.  Can you imagine though, how breathtakingly beautiful it must have been back when only the ancient Chamorros roamed the island?

Once you get off the cable cars, you'll be able to see the second waterfall by going down a few steps and following a short path that leads you to a shaded pavilion right in front of the waterfall.

There are other attractions in the park which I didn't get photos of, one of them being the "Yokoi Cave", where Japanese soldier Shoichi Yokoi hid for 28 years after the U.S. regained control of Guam in World War II.  The real cave was destroyed, but the history is still there - along with a hole in the ground signifying where the cave used to be.  There is also a gift shop (which was closed when we were there) and a little walk-through museum which gives a brief history of the island, featuring statutes and a few historical artifacts.

A suspended bridge takes you back up to the first waterfall, where the gift shop and walk-through museum are located.  When we visited years ago there was a little train that takes you through the jungle, but this time around it looked as if it wasn't working.

I'm sure we'll visit the park again sometime and hopefully all the attractions are in working condition by then.  I'll also remember to get a few photos of Love Land, the Yokoi cave, historical museum, and the other little gems this place has to offer.  If you're planning on visiting Guam, this definitely a must-see attraction that should be added to your itinerary.  And if you're a Guam resident - what the hell are you waiting for?!  Go and explore our island!!


  1. 28 years?! Dang!! My husband and I love WW2 history, so if we ever make it to Guam, we will definitely check this out. My brother in law has been to Guam. He dated a girl who still had family there and his pictures were incredible. So when I say I want to visit someday, I'm not just blowing smoke up your ass :) I like the idea of Valentine's weekend being family time. I mean, it's not just your man that's the love of your life, right? And the piggies! I would have never left!

  2. You looked radiant...fnck I wish I had your skin tone...#luckygirl! even though you say, Guam is sometimes boring, I rather have breathtaking views than being able to all the stores the US has to offer. I hope I can go visit there soon so you can take me there!

    xoxo, K.Lee

    p.s. I tagged you on a tag today!! You better do it, I havent "seen" you in a while! love you!


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